Fall 2017

Mansfield Schedule

Monday12:30-4:30SC 702Interface DesignGWDA202
Monday5:45-9:45SC 704Portfolio II
Graphic Design Capstone
Tuesday12:30-4:30SC 702Information DesignGWDA302
Tuesday4:30-7:30SC 730WorkshopWeeks 2-10
____Please email mansfield.scott@gmail.com if you intend to arrive to workshop after 5:30 pm
Wednesday12:30-4:30SC 607Applications and IndustryGWDA101
Wednesday5:45-9:45SC702Digital IllustrationGWDA103

AiS 2017 Fall Quarter Important Dates

Monday:  October 2 Fall Quarter starts
Week 2:   Monday October 9 Last day to adjust schedule
Week 6:   Friday November 10 Veteran’s Day Holiday (no school)
Week 8:   Thursday/Friday November 23/24 Thanksgiving Day Holiday (no school)
Week 9:   Friday December 1 Last day to withdraw from course w/o WF
Week 10: Bachelor Panel Presentations. Times TBA
Week 10: Thursday 10:00 am Portfolio I Review
Week 11:  TBA Portfolio Review
Winter Break: December 17 – January 7

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