Thesis Proposal

The thesis proposal is developed during the quarter. Students are expected to read texts supporting their thesis this quarter. Familiarizing yourself with the material during the quarter previous to writing the thesis will set you up for success. Thesis failures largely occur because the student is attempting to read, digest the material while writing about it.

Students research past theses and write up responses to acquaint themselves with the final result and to assess the varying degree of quality.

Students submit several rough ideas mid quarter. Each rough idea is accompanied by at least one resulting Senior Project concept.

Students will write up a full one page thesis proposal and a full one page bibliography.  The thesis proposal must be thoughtful and unique. It must exhibit curiosity and vigorous thought. The bibliography will consist of at least 20 primary, seminal texts (books) pertaining to the subject chosen. Citing their ISBN, author and publisher. Websites cited must be kept to a minimum and must be in addition to texts.

Informational Interviews are encouraged. Briefly include the participants’ names, title and the relevance of their input.

Spring’s Proposal 

Thesis/Senior Project. Get experimental. Look at work from:

The University of Washington Design Program graduates 2012 2013 2014

Western Washington University

Art Center

Cooper Union


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