Kerntype: a kerning game

I Shot the Serif

typesetter: instant type choice visualiser for web design

Shape Type: Typography Game, Bezier Practice

FontPark free fonts Inspiration:

Creattica’s Typography page

Typography Served


Web Urbanist’ In Your (Type) face: 12 Textual Examples of Typography Art

Web Urbanist’ Archi-TYPE: 14 Buildings & Cities Made of Text

graphicfetish.com’s 12 handpicked awesome typography art



Adobe Glossary of Typographic

About.com Typography Glossary

Design: Talkboard Glossary of terms for fonts and typography

Anatomy Illustrations:

FontShop.com: Typeface Anatomy and Glossary

Foam Train: Anatomy of a letter

PaPress.com: Anatomy

About.com: Letter Anatomy

Meet Your Type at fontshop.com


Typophile Wiki, Typophile Terminology, Jared Benson: Type Styles 101, Jared Benson: Introduction to Typeface Design 110

Gestalt Principals applied to Typography. Requires shockwave. Typeworkshop.com

Type Basics: excellent, very visual tutorial

Creating a Logotype

myfontbook.com: Online Font Browser.

Identifont Font or Typeface: a discussion of the difference.

Kerning: history and practice.

Alessandro Segalini’s Bibliography on Typography and Type Design

Deciphering Typeface Name Game

Get Stoked on Type

Infographic: So You Need a Typeface

Typography for Lawyers: simple and compelling advice

Hand Lettering theletterheads.com: Hand Lettering Basics

typies: 15 tips to choose a good text type InDesign: Orphans, Widows and ‘Keeps

Hating on:

The scourge of Arial Ban Comic Sans

I hate Papyrus

Type Crime: scaling type out of proportion

10 Iconic Fonts and Why You Should Never Use Them

I’m Comic Sans, A**hole

Comic Sans Flickr group

How typeface influences the way we read and think

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