Portfolio II Guidelines

  • Select your best work from your time in school. Remember that when applying for positions in the field professionals craft a portfolio specific to the job they are pursuing.
  • With every project presented, it is vital that you verbally tie design choices to business needs. Make a convincing argument: demonstrate the reasons for your intervention.
  • Review your internship experience now. Did you do work to be considered for inclusion this quarter? Often professional work can bring authority to your academic work. Review your files and contact the internship business.
    Discuss using this work in your portfolio with permission, either in panel alone or on your website.
  • Find your doppelgänger: the word doppelgänger is often used in a more general sense to identify any person that physically or perhaps even behaviorally resembles another person. There is a graduate student designer out there on the web who probably resembles you very well…find them and compare your work to theirs. Make yours better!
  • This is the age of self education -if you don’t have an answer, work your network, or look it up at http://oozled.com, medium.com or any of 10,000,000 other resources available to you on the Internet! Embrace this concept — your education has JUST STARTED, you will need to keep up with technology while at work!
  • Don’t be exclusively iPhone and iPad in your approach. Android and other own 87% of the market, your apps and programs will need to run on them.  Research the OEM design specs.
  • At the end of the quarter you will submit a copy of your final portfolio and website is to be included in the departmental archive.
  • Students in Portfolio II will display their work at Portfolio Day the same quarter taking Portfolio II.
  • When designing for mobile include a couple of screens of your solution rotated 90 degrees. The devices are designed to accommodate this and your design should too.

See Portfolio Website Guidelines Link in Sidebar.