Unit 2


4 pts.


Each row of students exchange contact info- one email chain? A shared file? a piece of paper photocopied? (You can use the photocopier/b&w printer at the cage. Use the resource of your fellow student to catch up, study, pass on information, etc.
Get to know your cohort.

Change screen resolution

Shut down Adobe Programs. Open up system preferences. Open up Displays- second row. Choose “scaled” Change screen resolution to 1600 x 900.


1B Logos.

Discussion of Illustrator and InDesign Packaging. File/Package.

Submit logo illustrator PACKAGE to Faculty Boxes as shown in class. Folder title “Lastname1B”.

Onscreen review. 5 pts.

2A Illustrator Basics, Continued

Illustrator Symbols Panel

We can learn much about how artwork is constructed in Illustrator by taking apart existing vector art.
The Symbols Panel  (Window menu/Symbols) gives us access to libraries of artwork which comes with Illustrator.
We will access the libraries of symbols from the Symbols panel menu (on the top right of the panel).
Pull out symbols onto the artboard.
Select a symbol and go to the Object menu/Expand.
Ungroup it (Object menu/ ungroup or (-shift G).
Deselect (-shift D), then select the parts of the artwork. Dissect it.

Tracing/Drawing tools

Pencil tool (N), reshaping review.
Creating line quality with the Width Tool (shift-W).
Isolation mode. Getting out of Isolation mode (esc).
Controlling Isolation mode in the Preferences panel.

demo image.zip

Linking, embedding, Links panel.

Saving versus Packaging review.


 2B InDesign Introduction: The Basics

InDesign Workflow. The meaning of the term “Layout” program.

Document setup, Facing Pages.


Placing images.


demo image.zip

Linking, embedding, Links panel.

Place logo .ai file into InDesign file. Place demo image jpgs.

Frames- fitting.

Ruler/Guides/Grid: View menu/ Grids & Guides

Master Pages.

Make colophon/footer. put logo in footer

Pages panel. Placing, linking, embedding. Master page items.

Placing/Linking/Embedding formatting text.

Review installing Google fonts

Packaging in InDesign.

file management (“Where does my file go?”)

Introduction to the Advertisement Redesign Assignment.

Ad Redesign assets

Sketching and font research for next week assigned.Google fonts Body Copy versus Display Type.


1. Textbook Reading Assignment

Read Chapters 3 and 4.
“Chapter 3: I Need to Design this Today”
“Chapter 4: Layout Sins”

Take notes. Your written notes can be used during next week’s 15 minute quiz at the beginning of class.

2. Ad Re-Design Project Preplanning (process)

  1. Read the textbook and pay attention to the “Works-Every-Time-Layout” method.
  2. After reading the textbook assignment, review the content files provided. The materials (assets) and specifications for the project are available above and in the Applications and Industry Sidebar
  3. Draw at least 6 thumbnail sketches on paper, due at the start of the next class. Each is to be a different possible arrangement of the content. Be sure that you are sketching to include all necessary elements. You may scan your sketches at home if you are so equipped. We will be scanning at the beginning of class. Failure to turn in sketches on time will result in the loss of one full letter grade per assignment.
  4. Typeface Research.
    Research possible fonts on Google fonts.  Create folder titled “Lastname P1 process”.
    In this folder create two folders. One titled “Body Copy” and the other titled “Display Type”.
    In each, put at least 5 appropriate font choices for each category. These will be .otf or .ttf font files. Due at the beginning of class next week.