Unit 3


4 pts.



Typeface Research.
Research possible fonts on Google fonts.  Create folder titled “Lastname P1 process”.
In this folder create two folders. One titled “Body Copy” and the other titled “Display Type”.
In each, put at least 5 appropriate font choices for each category. These will be .otf or .ttf font files. Due at the beginning of class next week.

Folder Title “Lastname P1 process”

Change screen resolution

Shut down Adobe Programs. Open up system preferences. Open up Displays- second row. Choose “scaled” Change screen resolution to 1600 x 900.


Raster image file structure lecture

Binary information. File Proportion: Bytes, Kilobytes, Megabytes, Gigabytes, etc. Information stored relative to raster image mode: bitmap, greyscale, RGB, CMYK. Channels as a concept.


Download and find in Downloads Folder. In the Finder right-click or control-click on file and choose Open With to open with Photoshop. (If you do not designate Photoshop as the program to open this file, it may default open in Preview instead).

The image has a blue color cast to it- an artifact of scanned graphite. Let’s change the mode from color to greyscale. Image menu/Mode/Greyscale.

Image menu/Levels Adjustment. Histogram. White point, Grey Point, Black Point.
Save the jpg file to a location you can return to such as your keychain drive, or the Storage drive of the computer you are at. Do not save to the desktop of the computer you are at, unless it is your own laptop.

Scanning in the mac computer labs on campus.

Mac HD/Applications/Image Capture
The 3B folder you submit will contain your adjusted .jpg file and adjusted .jpgs of you scanned sketches: Your homework from last week:

Draw at least 6 thumbnail sketches on paper, due at the start of the next class. Each is to be a different possible arrangement of the content. Be sure that you are sketching to include all necessary elements. You may scan your sketches at home if you are so equipped. We will be scanning at the beginning of class. Failure to turn in sketches on time will result in the loss of one full letter grade per assignment.

Folder Title “Lastname3A”


3B InDesign review and Ad Redesign document setup

Document Setup.

Custom Page Size using the Page tool.

Page Duplication with the Pages Panel, with the Pages Panel menu.

Your document will have at least two 8.5 x 11″ landscape format pages for your sketches.

Your document will have at least four 7″ x 5″ pages for your alternatives and final design.

Margins and Columns

Document Layout settings

Use your pages panel to select pages to be affected by Margin and Columns changes.

Layout Menu/Margins and Columns

Set two column grid. Set/adjust document margins.


Review of Placing files in InDesign. demo image.zip.

Download and locate. Unzip. From new InDesign file, place images on several pages.

Links panel (Window/Links).
Linking versus embedding

Google Fonts

Review of installing Google fonts  with Fontbook (Mac HD/Applications/Fontbook, or double click on font .otf or .ttf to begin installation)

Guides and Grids in InDesign

Type in InDesign

Type tool, Character and Paragraph panel.

Creating Columnated text with the Text Frame Options Panel

Object/Text Frame Options Panel

Awareness of current tool while editing. Type tool (T) and Selection Tool (V) edit in type objects in different ways.

Paragraph Panel: Turn off (uncheck) hyphenation

Review of Packaging a

The importance and process of packaging. File/Package. Proofing the package: does it contain a fonts folder, links folder?

3B Package folder


1. Textbook Reading Assignment

Read Chapters 5 and 6.
“Chapter 5 Mini Art School”
“Chapter 6: Layout”
Take notes. Your written notes can be used during next week’s 15 minute quiz at the beginning of class.

2. Ad Re-Design Project

  1. Read the textbook and pay attention to further instruction on layout..
  2. Continuing what you have started in class today, create at least three final alternative layouts of your Ad Redesign. Print them to a printer on campus (or at home) and arrive with your prints for critique in class next week. You and your peers will choose a final in class. Your native Package file for the project will be due next week as well.