Unit 6


4 pts.


Week 6: Holiday Friday November 10 Veteran’s Day Holiday. AiS closed.

Change screen resolution

Shut down Adobe Programs. Open up system preferences. Open up Displays- second row. Choose “scaled” Change screen resolution to 1600 x 900.


Magazine Cover/Layout Project Research

  1. Read the specifications. Understand who is the client what is the challenge/problem; what is the solution? You will be including a design brief/project statement in your case study.
  2. Research: Inspiration
    1 folder of image files of New Yorker Magazine covers.
    Folder title “Inspiration Covers”
    1 folder of image files of New Yorker Magazine spreads.
    Folder title “Inspiration Spreads”

  3. Word list. Brainstorm. Create a page of lists of topics for the feature spread.
    File title “Brainstorm.doc”
    b. Look at articles to adapt and use.What interests you and makes you want to illustrate?
    Create a list of URLs to this content. include these links in the “Brainstorm.doc” file.
  4. Drawn process: sketches page 1.  12 small sketches of 12 different ideas. Scanned, adjusted.
  5. Drawn process: sketches page 2.  12 small sketches of your favorite idea from page 1.
    Scan them, adjust them.
    Folder titled “Sketches”

    Folder title: “Lastname Magazine Research and Process”

Design Process.ppt

Peer critique of process folders.

Get together in groups of three and share your research and sketches. Give and receive feedback. Get inspired by fellow student project concepts, inspire others with your process.


Painting Logic in Photoshop

Painting Exercise. Painting the dog 2 pts
Using Selections and layers and layer masks to effectively separate elements, increase creative flexibility.
Using brushes, opacity, brushes options. Gradient tool review.

Submit an unflattened .psd file titled “Lastname6A.psd” to Faculty Boxes/smansfield/Inbox


Lab time to work on Project.

Join CG:UX on Facebook. AiS current students and Alumni going back 12+ years.

Student Progress Reports. Midterm Academic Agreement forms, if appropriate.

Progress Check

Your InDesign file should have
a cover page
project statement page
research/inspiration pages for covers and spreads with content placed
sketches pages with content placed
Not Mastered:
a front cover  illustration and layout. 10.25″ H x 7.75″ W
one spread layout with illustration. 10.25″ H x 15.5″ W


6B Folder: PACKAGE folder as shown in class. Contains .psd, .ai, indd file.

Next week: HTML and CSS basics, and some time to work on Project 2.


  1. Textbook Reading Assignment

    Read Chapters 11 and 12.
    “Chapter 11: Storyboarding”
    “Chapter 12: Design for Social Media”
    Take notes. Your written notes can be used during next week’s 15 minute quiz at the beginning of class.

  2. Read https://www.format.com/magazine/resources/illustration/who-pays-illustration-jobs
  3.  Magazine Cover/Layout Project Process

  • Continue your development of this project outside of class. Finish your illustration using whichever method you are using: drawn/painted/photoshop painted/Illustrator.  We will lay out the cover and spread in class next week. Final due in two weeks. Feed your baby!