Unit 10


  1. “So You Want to be a Design Student” by Jo Jarvis. (Reprieve)
    A Word (or Pages) document titled “Lastname_Jarvis_Quiz_Questions.doc”
    Your 5 multiple choice or fill-in-the-blank quiz questions and answers must reasonably demonstrate knowledge of five of the key takeaways from the reading. 4 pts.
  2. A .pdf of your team’s case study  containing a project statement, research inspiration, sketches. From InDesign: File/Export. Choose pdf from file format options menu.
    Titled “lastname_lastname10A.pdf”

Late Submissions/Resubmisssions

As per the GWDA101 syllabus addendum, “The four major projects must be submitted in order to be eligible to pass this class or to earn an “Earned F” in this class.”

This is the last class period to resubmit projects or submit a late project. It is your responsibility to communicate with instructor and confirm directly that your project has been submitted to specification.


Change screen resolution

Shut down Adobe Programs. Open up system preferences. Open up Displays- second row. Choose “scaled” Change screen resolution to 1600 x 900.

10B Website Project skill builder


  • students will demonstrate their ability to create a linked multipage website with functioning navigation.
  • student will demonstrate their ability to access and FTP (file transfer protocol) files to the correct root directory.

Desktop breakpoint width: 1280. Mobile breakpoint width: 414 pixels

The end of class week 10 is the deadline for the submission of late work or resubmission of work.

Placing images. File/place

Publishing muse site live to bitballoon hosting.

Your finished 10B

Send a .webloc file


to the Instructor/smansfield/DROPBOX folder titled “lastname_lastname10B”

It will contain:

  1. the Native Muse file
  2. a root folder
  3. a webloc file that links to your live site hosted on bitballoon.


Lab time for Project 4 Website Project teams.


10C Progress check folder.




Finish Project 3. Critique next week in class.


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