Unit 1



Syllabus, Addendum and schedule.

Introduction: Syllabus and Classroom policies

Digital Textbook:

White Space is Not Your Enemy: A Beginner’s Guide to Communicating Visually
Author: Golombisky, K.
Date: 2013
Publisher: Focal Press (Taylor & Francis)
ISBN: 9780240824147
Accessing the textbook

The textbook itself can be accessed through ecompanion.

You may also download an app for your laptop, tablet and/or phone called VitalSource Bookshelf. With that app, your book can be downloaded to your device, and an internet connection is not require. This also tends to run faster. I personally enjoy the fact that my ios phone or mac laptop can read the textbook to me. In addition, you can print the textbook to pdf in sections/chapters. I personally like the acrobat interface more than either ecompanion or VitalSource Bookshelf.


Applied Design: What is graphic design and what are some of its countless applications?

Applied Design.pptx


Flynn Joffray   Oak Labs

Signssignagemaps info-graphicsweb interface
kiosk interfaceappspoint of purchase displaywindow display design way finding
periodicaldaily newsmotion graphics kinetic typographybusiness identity cabinets
experiential designenvironmental/holistic designsocial media designbrochurestoy design
informational displayinstruction manualsannual reportspackage designevent design
exhibit design (convention/museum) apparel designapplied illustration Branding in store projection


Change screen resolution

Shut down Adobe Programs. Open up system preferences. Open up Displays- second row. Choose “scaled” Change screen resolution to 1600 x 900.

In order to translate your concepts to digital form, it is necessary for you to understand the basics of editing type in a vector editing program. The upcoming reading will cover the Design Process as well as some Type basics. Let’s begin using Illustrator to edit type.

Computer Basics

File Management. Mac basics. Finder/desktop. Hard drives: local and remote. Servers: Student and Instructor CLIB. Digital hygiene, digital etiquette: the lab computers erase on restart. Always back up. The Downloads folder.

Illustrator Basics

Native File Format: .ai
Versions: saving out files compatible with past versions Illustrator: CC2014, CS6, CS5.
Pasteboard, artboard
Common navigation interface patterns among adobe products
Illustrator interface.

Select Tool (Solid Arrow)V
Duplicate Object/GroupOption Drag with the Select Tool (Solid Arrow
Direct Selection Tool (Hollow Arrow)A
Deselect ⌘ Shift A
Free Transform Tool E
Show Rulers⌘R

Type in Illustrator.

Create a 2″ x 2″ artboard. File>Document Setup>Edit Artboards to edit existing file/artboard.

Creating objects in Illustrator. Command-drag duplicating with the Selection tool.

Type objects: Point Type versus Area Type

Placeholder text: arrested development ipsumhipster ipsum

Key commands for controlling leading, kerning/tracking, pt size, font selection. Kerning game

On your own mac (not the schools’) you can use Fontbook to install fonts. Managing font file location.

Previewing fonts in Illustrator. Select the text of the font title in the , use up and down arrows.

Nick Erickson Sophia Kwon
20 Logos with Clever Negative Space
Papyrus Watch 

Papyrus SNL

Type<Create Outlines
Edit Type as shape using pencil/pen tool, direction lines/bezier handles, pathfinder etc.

Design a logotype

Design a logotype in Illustrator for yourself using the type tool, editing type as shape. Logo type:use your initials and illustrator’s shape, fill, stroke functions. Create a logotype. Your initials above, large. Your full name below in smaller, sans serif type. You will use this logotype to brand your projects later this quarter.

1A logo file specs: 2″ x 2″ artboard. All type converted to paths: Type< Create Outlines.

1A Logo:

This is a file submitted demonstrating your progress thus far. Submit your folder as shown in class. Your homework is to finish your design before class next week.

THE GAP by Ira Glass
Everybody has to suck at this for a while. Pain tolerance.

Lab Time


1. Textbook Reading Assignment

Read Chapters 1 and 2.
“Chapter 1: What is Design? Making Visuals & Type Play Nice in Space”
“Chapter 2: Step Away from the Computer For Research & Brainstorming”

Take notes. Your written notes can be used during next week’s 15 minute quiz at the beginning of class.

2. Finish your 1A logotype.

Don’t hurt yourself, it’s a first pass for most students at a what is a new process. But play hard. Make copies, iterations of your design and create choices for yourself. Put your final choice on the artboard. But the trail of you choices should be evident in your file.

In keeping with Chapter 2 reading, do some research and take inspiration from other designs. Go look.

Your final logotype will feature your initials above, large. This is the “party”.
Your full name below in smaller, sans serif type- this is the “business”. It answers the question posed by your initials.

You can improve on this logotype as the quarter progresses and resubmit.
Arrive to next week’s class with a finished native .ai file. a logotype. 5 pts