Website Redesign

You will find a local small business in need of an updated web presence and create a working proposed alternative website prototype.

Find a business which:

  1. is local- King/Pierce/Snohomish County.
  2. has an adequate or better logo/identity. You cannot effectively rebrand AND design a website.
  3. is a retail business. Restaurants and bars often have website inferior to their customers’ on site experience.

Examine the needs of their customers.
Often what is needed is basic information up front: location, hours contact.
Discuss the issues of menus (if restaurant) or other more complicated content formatting with the instructor.

10 points.

Technical: Created with  Adobe Muse. Native .muse file with published root folder as shown in class.

Desktop breakpoint width: 1280. Mobile breakpoint width: 414 pixels

Professional: Structural and design choices are tied to business needs.


Week 8: Project introduction.  Client research due next week.

Week 9: Teams defined. Muse Intro. Lab time. FTP to server.

Week 10:  Muse continued. FTP to server. Preliminary peer critique.

Week 11: Lab time for first half of class. Final Critique last half of class.
Final website due. Root folder, .xd or .muse native file, assets. A pdf case study in addition to the final website.