Data Sources

What is a .csv file? (Comma Separated Values)

Google Refine helps you clean errors from source data. Download Google Refine to install on your own computer.  This site houses an enormous collection of data, from migratory patterns of birds to patent bibliographies to Treasury rate statistics and federal budget data.’s get data page

Stalking Victims in the U.S. .csv files.

Tableau Picnic: almost one stop shopping…

Seattle data, King County data

The Humanitarian Data Exchange

List from Dailytek:

U. S. Government

NYCLU Stop-and-Frisk Data

Medicare Provider Charge Data: Inpatient

What We Pay For   The Data Viz Challenge (related)

Central Intelligence Agency. The World Factbook.

The Census Bureau

The Bureau of labor Statistics “…for extensive data on employment in the United States (click on the ‘databases and Tables’ tab and scroll down to the Historical News Release Tables for the easiest access to the data” -Beautiful Visualization pg. 19

The Bureau of Justice Statistics under the U.S. Office of Justice Programs


Princeton University/University of Washington: Mapping Globalization

Map Search: Princeton University Map Category Query (CQ) page

Princeton University’s Data and Analysis page

MG/Data Extraction tool

University of Oregon’s Mapping History Site

United Nations Office On Drugs and Crime:  UNODC site


Fish in Washington State:


baseball reference

football reference


RIAA report archive (recording industry stats)



Cancer/Geography correlation by risk, UV exposure, etc. GIS.


UK Road Safety Data