P2 Vector Self Portrait

Create a self portrait using vector tools shown in class. You may, if you prefer, place a raster image of yourself and trace/translate it into vector form (no live tracing).

Your native illustrator file will be 8.5″ x 11″. It may be in portrait or landscape format, but it must use a clipping path/mask to maintain a 1″ margin.

This project will be submitted as a native Package folder titled “Lastname_self_portrait”. Select the paths that make up your project. Use File/Export Selection to export  a .png or .jpeg of your project at 150 pixels per inch. Include this .png or .jpeg in your package folder.

For due date, consult the quarter schedule.

Your image is the figure. The background must be designed. It may be a pattern or non-objective, it may include space- a landscape. Be expressive. Play hard.

Your project  will be graded on:

your ability to follow project specifications

your use of the tools and functions of Illustrator.

Your control of fills, strokes, paths

Your expressive ability

The project does not need to be photorealistic, but it must capture something specific about you and your personality.