P3 Personal Logotype

Graduating students must present a professional resume, business card and website. As a group, these items are a brand identity which represents the student and promotes the student in the pursuit of full time entry level employment. This project is an opportunity to begin that branding process and to demonstrate competencies with the type tools and functions of Illustrator.

designing logos of letters.pdf

  1. Your logo must feature your initials above.
  2. Your initials will be larger
  3. Your initials will be graphically treated: The letters addressed as shape, not merely font choice.
  4. Your full name must be featured below in smaller, body copy type. You first and last name may be stacked.
  5. This grouping of shape and type may be bounded by a governing shape.
  6. This grouping of shape and type may use reversals (figure ground inversion), application of color, gradient.
  7. Exploration is required. The instructor expects to see exploration off of the artboard. Evidence of exploration is a large part of the assessment of this project. Little exploration= low assessment.  Pull copies, leave a trail of many, many choices.
  8. Project 3 Logo file specs: Illustrator Package.  2″ x 2″ artboard.  Package title “Lastname_P3”
    Select the paths that make up your project. Use File/Export Selection to export  a .png or .jpeg of your project at 150 pixels per inch. Include this .png or .jpeg in your package folder.

Consult the Quarter Schedule in the right sidebar for project deadlines.