P4 Croquii/Character Illustration

Course Competencies from GWDA 103 Syllabus addressed by this project:

Demonstrate vector graphics through technology
Generate technically accurate digital drawings and illustrations.
Create and optimize graphics for print and web
Learn to identify the most effective illustrative techniques to obtain desired results.
Define and apply design terminology according to industry standard
Identify and use appropriate electronic vocabulary.
Select and apply appropriate visual elements
Skillfully apply principles of design, composition, and visual hierarchies.
Apply appropriate software solutions to design problems for varied media
Use multiple software applications to solve design problems.
Articulate and defend concepts
Critique and evaluate design solutions
Develop the ability to effectively critique your own and other students’ designs.
Meet deadlines according to project specifications
Demonstrate effective file and time management skills in the production of projects.

Fashion Design/Marketing

Croqui project

Fashion Marketing and Fashion Design: find (and note source URL of) croquii.

Trace out your croqui with articulating (separate vector objects grouped) limbs. Close your paths and control your fills.

You will create your own, traced from existing croquii drawings.

Your resulting vector project should:

  1. Be a front and back illustration to be useful for garment illustration.
  2. Have separately selectable limbs: forearm, thigh, etc organized in layers.
  3. Have an organized layers panel, clearly labelled for each part of #1.
  4. Except in limited areas, these components will be created with closed paths- the figure is made up of shapes, not lines.
  5. Use of Mesh fill to create volume.
  6. Explore using the width tool to create elegance and visual interest.


Character Illustrator File

Using the Layers organization and Layer titles in this file, replace elements to create your own character. If it is done with attention to the existing naming syntax, it will work with Adobe Character Animator as seen in the video below.

All existing paths will be altered by you or replaced with your paths. Merely editing the fill or stroke of existing paths does not demonstrate competency and will earn a failing grade.

Final Project File specs: Illustrator Package title “Lastname_P4”
Select the paths that make up your project. Use File/Export Selection to export  a .png or .jpeg of your project at 150 pixels per inch. Include this .png or .jpeg in your package folder.

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