Student Progress

I deliver information which assists students in developing competencies. I assign assignments which give the opportunity to demonstrate those competencies. I provide a verbal, written, online and printed description of those competencies. I assess those assignments.

The Brightspace Gradebook is updated every week. If a student is not present in class, they can check Brighspace at any time.

If you would like to ask me to review your assignment again, please email me with the grade book item description and a clearly titled specific assignment as an attachment and I will take another look.

Midterm Grades

Student earning a “D” or “F” at the beginning of class week 6 will receive a printed Midterm Academic Form. This form must be filled out by the student and returned to the instructor in class. This form is shared with the Academic Director.

5:00 pm Friday of Week 9 is the deadline to withdraw

5:00 pm Friday of Week 9 of every quarter is the deadline to withdraw from a class. If you find yourself currently earning a failing grade in this class, evaluate your current earned grade percentage and review missing work or work to be resubmitted for reassessment. Given the stated late work policies in the class, is there the time effort and attention necessary to change that grade? If not, see your academic advisor before withdrawing.   It may make more sense for a student to  remain in a class they are failing due to financial aid concerns, veterans benefits and foreign student status.

Week 10

End of class Week 10 is the deadline to submit late work or resubmit work for assessment.

In keeping with the policy stated on the Syllabus Addendum, no late or resubmitted work will be accepted after class time of week 10.