Advertising Redesign Project

I suggest that you read the week 2 reading assignment before proceeding with working on this project.

Ad Redesign assets

Demonstrate your understanding of basic typesetting and the Works-Every-Time layout by re-designing this pediatric dentistry ad, based on a real-world example (names changed to protect the individual who designed the awful original).

Your ad must be 5 inches wide x 7 inches tall and must be black and white.

You’ve been provided with an assets folder including all the parts to create a Works-Every-Time layout:

  • Image(s),
  • headline,
  • cutline,
  • text and
  • tags.

You may choose to replace one or both of these images with art of your choosing. I recommend searching stock art websites and downloading free, watermarked comp images (your grade will not suffer if you use watermarked images). If you find a color image you want to use, open it in Photoshop. Image/Mode/Greyscale will convert it to greyscale mode.
You may choose to re-write the copy as well, but remember, this is primarily a design exercise.
Collect your assets, read the ad copy and begin by creating thumbnail sketches.

For the project start (Week 3):

  1. At least 6 thumbnail sketches, due at the start of the lab session on the first day you work on the project in class. Failure to turn in sketches on time will result in the loss of one full letter grade per assignment.
  2. Typeface Research.
    Research possible fonts on Google fonts.  Create folder titled “Lastname P1 process”.
    In this folder create two folders. One titled “Body Copy” and the other titled “Display Type”.
    In each, put at least 5 appropriate font choices for each category. These will be .otf or .ttf font files. Due at the beginning of class next week.

For week 4:

In InDesign, Create a three 5″ wide  x 7″ tall pages. Remember that you can create custom page sizes with the Page tool.

On these three pages create Roughs (3 minimum). Rough out three possible layouts. These are the options you will assess in class in critique week 4.

Print two un-mounted copies your ad designs (one to turn in, and one to take notes on)

Bring the native package your ad design to share on screen with the class for critique

Your thumbnail sketch files.

Final Project specifications:

You will submit an InDesign Package Folder called “your last name_Ad_Redesign”

The project contained in the package will include, in this order:

  1. Sketches page(s), Page(s) titled accordingly
  2. 5″ x7″ pages of Roughs (3 minimum) These are the options you created as homework for week 4.
  3. One 8.5″ x 11″ page containing notes on the feedback you received in the week 4 peer critique and a rationale for the final rough you chose to submit.
  4. The final design chosen.Delete any pages from your document without content.
    Projects submitted without the above required items are incomplete, and will earn a failing grade.

• Demonstration of ability to create a Works-Every-Time layout
• Quality of your typesetting (attention to detail, no inconsistencies or typos)
• Overall design of the advertisement (appropriate font choices, images)
• Avoidance of the 13 layout sins (from the reading assignment)
• Timeliness of submission (draft and final turned in on time)
• Completeness of project (follows all instructions, includes all parts—this means thumbnails at the start, not end, of the project!)