GWDA453  Interactive Communication: Development & Delivery

At the conclusion of this course the student should be able to…

Track planned production

• Produce production schedule

• Meet scheduled deadlines to simulate industry expectations

Execute project production

• Produce an advanced non-linear digital publication that integrates various media

• Produce the marketing campaign to accompany the publication

Present completed project

• Generate professional quality presentations

• Distribute interactive marketing materials to your demographic

Digital Textbook: Digital Publishing with Adobe InDesign CC: Moving Beyond Print to Digital


Weekly schedule and grading chart.

Participation points 10.

These points deal with professionalism: meeting all deadlines, adjusting to challenges, professional feedback integration and attendance.

Week 1:  5pts. Due today by the end of class. Project statement and concept identified. Gannt Chart to be utilized to determine a production schedule. Use Gannter, or Tom’s Planner, which are free online Gantt chart generators that are easy to use. Feel free to make your own in Illustrator or Sketch. Determine where each of the project elements to be completed will start and be finished.

File name: “Lastname Project Statement Prelim.doc” 5 pts

Week 2: 15 pts. Due 1 hour before class ends.

Creative brief complete by the end of this class. This will include a refined statement, any alternative possibilities, mood board (if applicable), project element list (this might mean that if it is a mobile/web integrated project with info graphics it would state the nature of these pieces), concepting documentation, demographic studies and competition or industry trend documentation. These elements don’t have to be formalized or presentable but you should at least be able to show them your basic intentions in order to get guidance. This document should be part of your presentation, week 6.

“Lastname Project Statement and Gannt Chart.doc” 5 pts

Week 3. Identify and present basic idea and material to a relevant industry professional or a faculty member with some expertise in the subject. Utilize one of the feedback sheets provided or create a prose review at least one page typed of the feedback you received. This review is due one hour before the end of class week 4. Bring back a signature.

Week 4: 5 pts written review of last week’s professional feedback.
Production week, one on one check in. Turn in reviews.

Week 5: Turn in self assessment rubric for your final presentation. This document will describe how you hope to determine you relative success. Identify each of the elements you plan on having and what you would use to determine effectiveness. I’ll add the single evaluation to determine if it is a senior level degree of ambition needed to produce a professional portfolio piece.

Week 6: 20 pts: Formal presentations of all process work to industry professionals and peers. Based on your own Gantt chart, students should have all project elements, these must be at least presentable and some should be more formal and evolved. This is your opportunity to determine your final course of action.  Be ready to take notes and hand out your means of assessment. This means what questions you want professionals to answer with regard to the work. (not just me!) I hope to have strong professional reviewers in place.

Week 7: 5pts: One page review summarizing feedback from professionals.

Week 8: production

Week 9: production

Week 10: 5pts. Students create final rubric used for evaluation if the standard isn’t appropriate. Due 1 hour before class ends.

Week 11: 20 pts. Final presentation of completed projects.

Case Study

Needs to house all sketches, research, developmental thinking, and final works must have a colophon inside rear cover (name, course#, date, instructor) must be organized by project using a logical system

explore a unique way to present your process

must produce a working single bound edition. This book should house all developmental sketches and should demonstrate all of your decisions.