Prototyping Survey

This project is an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the tools and services of the practice of prototyping. The result should be a 10-11 page document which surveys the current field of prototyping, especially the software and services used to accomplish this stage of the UX design worksflow.

The final paper is due Week 5, at the beginning of class.

Your paper will:

  • Define prototyping methodologies.
  • Describe the techniques and iterative process of prototyping
  • Discuss the role of prototyping in the design and development of digital publications
    (These first three should be presented by way of introduction)
  • Present a competitive analysis of software used to create mockups and interface elements
  • Present a competitive analysis of software and online service used to prototype those elements
  • Reflect the current field of UX, and if possible, a breakdown of trends within our region.
  • Likely include images which exemplify the content of the text.
  • Likely include special topics not outlined here, as a result of your research