GWDA 382A Design For Mobile Devices | Final Presentation


The purpose of this final assignment is to show the progress and process you applied in this class from week 1 to week 11. Your presentation should be a timeline and story of when you did what you did and why.


Your final presentation will be comprised of individual slides that represent the phases you went through to arrive at your final mobile designs. You will present your case study pdf projected on screen with a rehearsed verbal component which addresses the progression and the process of this project.
These stages include:

Client + Product Selection

1 points | Who your client is

1 points | Why you chose this client. What are the reasons for intervening with this client?

1 points | What type of mobile experience (site, app, responsive and what OS) you decided to build for them and why

Content Strategy

1 points | What content did you decide to include and exclude from your mobile experience and why

Competitive Analysis

1 points | Show two of your client’s web/mobile competitors

1 points | Highlight what you learned from your competitive analysis, including:

points | Design conventions, patterns, + trends

points | Interaction cues, affordance

points | Features

points | User needs

1 points | What you decided to avoid and adopt for your client’s mobile experience

User Scenarios + Paths

1 points | What scenario and path did you create for your mobile experience and why?

1 points | How does the scenario and path address your users’ mobile needs

Paper Prototyping + Low Fidelity Wireframe Walkthrough

1 points | How did lo-fi sketching and wireframing help you start your designs?

1 points | Show your preliminary sketches, what your intention was and how they needed to change?

1 points | How did you arrive at your first set of wireframes (Hint: See list items 2-4)

High Fidelity Visual Design Implementation

1 points | How did visual design impact your design, negatively and/or positively?

1 points | What changed or improved from your lo-fi sketches? Is this called out and explained?

Usability Testing

1 points | What were your test scenarios and tasks?

1 points | How did you test your prototype (on screen, paper, mobile device)?

1 points | What did you learn from your usability tests?

Final Designs

1 points | How did your designs change based on the usability test findings?

1 points | Highlight areas of interest for your presentations’ audience

Importance of Process

1 points | How did process help you and your final design?

Give us a task

1 points | Provide us with a working link to your prototype and give us a task to perform in your app.

Notes + Requirements

Start building a skeleton of your presentation FIRST. Polish your final designs LAST.

Run spell check and grammar check.

Create a presentation template. Design within the layout parameters.

Make it look nice. Consider the typography, color and layout of your slides.

Pretend like you are delivering this to your client and the organization executives. Be clear and professional.