Portfolio Day Setup

Presenting on Portfolio Day is a graduation requirement for AAA, BFA and BS students

Career Services Setup Handout

Portfolio, Portfolio Day Supplies


9:00 am                 Arrive at 9:00 am. This gives you a relaxed experience. You can set up, get a coffee, visit with your friends and family.

10:00 am              Arrive by this time at the latest to setup. You are obligated to be ready, set up and present at 11:00 pm. Setup requires an hour at the absolute minimum. School Wide policy: Students still setting up after 11:00 is an intolerable situation and is unfair to other students presenting. Therefore, students arriving to setup after 10:00am will be asked to present the following quarter.

11:00 pm – 2:00 pm      Portfolio review open to the public

2:00 pm       show ends. Students assist in taking down panels and tables and moving them.


Bachelor Students are generally grouped together. Otherwise, placement is first come, first served. Students arriving earlier will have more options. We’ll figure out placement the morning of. Don’t panic or stress about placement, everything can be worked out. Speak to me or Renee Pasley.


In the interest of creating a professional, active and engaged environment, presenting students will stand during the Portfolio Day event. Exceptions are made for students experiencing disabilities.

Panel and Table Dimensions


Each student will have 60″ (5 foot) rectangular table. Each table comes with its own black fitted table cloth. Students do not need to buy fabric. However, students are welcome to cover it with other fabric that they provide.


Students will be using the provided black panels, which are ready as-is. You are welcome, if you wish, to cover panels with fabric. Know that the panel is covered with what is essentially velcro- the loop half. If you buy velcro dots, or velcro tape, you can adhere the the hook part on boards or paper and attach the to the panels.

 You can also use (the  longer push pins, or T pins. Buy some and bring them. Shorter, standard push pins and tacks tend not to hold well.


This event is similar to a trade show, and students should brand their space. Students are required to post a professional sign/banner/object consisting of your name/mark on the top of the panels. This will be consistent with other branding you have done- your resume, business cards.


You should have all the outlets you need. Power cords will be run to every student setup. Every student will have a power strip provided.


Students provide their own computers and computer equipment. AiS does not provide computers.


School Wifi is available but not guaranteed. However, students should run their website locally where possible in case of a problem. Explore tethering from your mobile phone as an option.


No arriving after 10:00 am.

No wet paint. No off-gassing items, recently adhered, semi dry paint. No smoking in an enclosed space (like an apartment) with fabric, portfolio materials for weeks before Portfolio Day. Your setup will smell like an ashtray (This has happened).

Be Prepared:

Come prepared with the materials, electronic equipment, cords you need. Think it through. Lack of forethought on your part does not constitute an emergency for Renee or the other assisting personnel. All students: have at least 30 resumes, and business cards on hand. BS/BFA students: give out leave behinds/artifacts only to potential employers, and…I’ll collect one.

Taking down setup:

You are obligate to be present until the end of the designated time. You are obligated to responsibly tear down and return borrowed items and remove your setup materials from the room immediately after.  You may be asked to move panels and tables. Load out quickly and leave no trace of your presence.

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