Portfolio, Portfolio Day Supplies

Paper Hammer


Lost Luggage

Artist and Craftsman Supply

Packaging Specialites

The University Bookstore

Glazer’s Camera- Presentation and Storage

Seattle Custom Framing

Pacific Fabrics

Costco Photo Center

artifacts: Getting Down to Business pdf

Grand and Benedicts – retail store fixtures and displays. map


One off published books: Lulu Blurb, artisan state

Lenticular Card: Gifpop

Business Cards:

What not to do: Your business card is crap

Morning print– Korean printer. Cheap, interesting options


A & A Printing. Ask about the Art Institute GD discount. Bring your student ID.

OvernightPrints.com $30 for 100 business cards (2 week turnaround)

Moo and UVcards.com



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