E Portfolio Unit 1



Class Policies: CC 250 E Portfolio Syllabus, Syllabus Addendum.doc.

This Baby has no concept of Object Permanence

Intro to class. What will be learned.

Skills Inventory

Fill out Skills Inventory. Copy and paste into word doc. You will submit this to  Faculty Boxes as “Last name skills.doc” later. 2 pts

Assets Assignment

Because you are formatting existing and new projects for presentation on your web site, you will need to gather images and descriptive text for this purpose.

As part of this class you will submit folders of your projects in at three times this quarter: Week 4, Week 6 and Week 8.

The text and images, doc and powerpoint (or other) files are called ASSETS. That is, they are assets necessary to be adapted to be presented on your website.

Because some projects are not ready earlier in the quarter, they can be submitted later in the quarter: weeks 6 or 8.


Do an assessment of ALL the projects you have created as a student and as an intern. Assess them this week as to whether they should be included for presentation on your site or not. Divide this up in to thirds: most finished, least finished and medium finished.

It is assumed that most, if not all projects presented on your portfolio website will need some polish and attention.

You will submit Assets folders of your projects in at three times this quarter: Week 4, Week 6 and Week 8. The content of these folders will vary from student to student and program to program. Use this assignment to demonstrate your diligence and preparation for the project of creating a professional portfolio website.

Hosting Your Website


from Wikipedia:

Internet domain names are easier to remember than IP addresses such as (IPv4) or 2001:db8:1f70::999:de8:7648:6e8 (IPv6). People take advantage of this when they recite meaningful URLs and e-mail addresses without having to know how the machine will actually locate them.


The Domain Name System (DNS) is a hierarchical naming system for computers, services, or any resource participating in the Internet. It associates various information with the domain names assigned to each of the participants. Most importantly, it translates domain names meaningful to humans into the numerical (binary) identifiers associated with networking equipment for the purpose of locating and addressing these devices world-wide. An often used analogy to explain the Domain Name System is that it serves as the “phone book” for the Internet by translating human-friendly computer hostnames into IP addresses. For example, www.example.com translates to

If you want to serve your website on a more personalized address than the one your ISP gives you (and you do), you will need to purchase a domain name.

If you buy a domain name, spend the extra fee for “privacy protection”

Then, the company you buy the domain name from will insert information about the company, and not your personal information.

(I now demonstrate the creepy, stalkery, downside to not choosing privacy protection.)


Privacy Protection through Wix

Past student portfolio sites.

Wix.com.  Set up free account.


Paste the URL  to your free Wix site into your skill inventory word document. Copy and paste into word doc. You will submit this to  Faculty Boxes as “Last name skills.doc” later. 2 pts


  1. Research: Find three portfolio sites in your field/profession. Review them. Write about their styling choices, navigation- did they use categories? Do they offer a resume?  Identify areas for improvement. Due as word document week two titled “Last Name Website Analysis 1.doc”
  2. Purchase Wix.com premium account (due week 5 for a passing midterm grade). In meantime, create a free account and all necessary login information. (2 pts week 1 only)
    Graphic and Web Design: purchase webhosting and domain name by week 5.