E Portfolio Unit 3


*Course Competencies from the CC250 Syllabus

At the conclusion of this course the student should be able to

3. Design a basic website interface.
4. Design and execute web-ready documents that use aesthetically pleasing design elements.
5. Create functioning web pages using a WYSIWYG page generator.
6. Prepare digital images for use in a hyper-linked document.
7. Convert existing project files into file formats suitable for posting to the web.
8. Publish a Portfolio website to a live server



  1. Logo project. Submit your .ai file to Faculty Boxes/smansfield/Inbox as “LastnameLogo.ai”
    review logotypes on screen.
  2. Concept Statement. Word Document titled “last name_concept_statement” submit to Faculty Boxes/smansfield/Inbox.
  3. Website Analysis 2
    “Last Name Website Analysis 2.doc” submit to Faculty Boxes/smansfield/Inbox.

Submit URLs to Wix sites (premium or temporary) to instructor to be linked up on Blogroll Page.

Submit a .webloc link to your website.

Title it “Lastname.webloc” and submit to Faculty Boxes/smansfield/Inbox

Muse users: submit URL/domain name if you have purchased webhosting, whether you have published to it or not.

3A Photomerge

This is for students with large format boards/illustrations that will not fit on the scanner. The board is scanned in multiple passes with at least 1/2 inch overlap. Then Photoshop’s Photomerge function is used to ‘sew’ together the multiple overlapping image files. Simple adjustment and cropping in Photoshop.  Download photomerge.zip  2 pts.

Scanning review

3B  Embed a pdf viewer

within a page on your site. Name the page “Issuu embed”.  Using Issuu or Scribd.  2 pt.

Set up Issuu Account. Upload a pdf to your account. Setting viewer options, setting pdf to private.
Embed a viewer within a page on your site in Wix using +>More>HTML.
In Muse: Object/Insert HTML. Proof published live site. You may delete this page after class next week.

Graphic Design Students: Adobe Muse. Further instruction.

Here is a pdf to use as a demonstrate.
Feel free to use a pdf that contains more compelling content.

Industrial Design/Animation: sketchfab.com

Upload 3D model, embed viewer.


3C  Tiling Pattern Background upload


Uploading, setting as background tiling image in Muse, Wix.

Graphic Design Portfolio Requirements pdf


25 Sites to Download Royalty-Free Stock Photos and Textures

Creative Pro Free Textures list (check licensing agreement)

Best Free Textures and Patterns of 2010

Creattica Freebies page

FontPark free fonts

Browser background image size: (1900 x 1400 px)

Lab time to work on home page design. Establish the tone and structure of your site.


Winchester House  debunked

Sitemapping.   Putri Sitemap


Diagram your site, submit file titled “Last Name Sitemap.pdf” to to Faculty Boxes/smansfield/Inbox.

Set up the Pages of your site according to your Sitemap in Wix or Muse.

Homework for week 4:

Finish your sitemap

by beginning of next class. 2 pt. Digital or drawn and scanned. Organize your site!

Develop your site further outside of class. Devote some time to play and discover in the interface.

The First Assets folder

The first Assets folder is due. 4A First (of 3) project Assets folder due. Image files and text file due. The text file will include a written explanation which communicates the title and description of projects. 6 pts. submitted to Faculty Boxes