E Portfolio Unit 4


4A assets folder

4A First (of 3) project Assets folder due. Image files and text file due. Text file (word, .txt, .pages) which contains an explanation for the files submitted.

3 pts. submitted to Faculty Boxes

Using the Wix editor Menu and Pages controls to conform to planned sitemap.

Anatomy of a webpage

Anatomy Of A Perfect Landing Page

Anatomy of a Webpage. Controlling the header height. Controlling the content width.  Method of working: create layout, then duplicate the page.

Wix: holding down the ctrl button to add/subtract items from selection. Using the link icon to ‘group’ items.

4B Resume Page I

LinkedIn  (On your site) Make a new page titled “Resume“. Go to LinkedIn, set up an account.

Google image search “LinkedIn logo png”.

Google image search acrobat “pdf logo png”.

Behance, Dribble, Coroflot, etc.

We want a clickable Linkedin icon to include on your site. A .png file supports transparency. Add LinkedIn logo to your resume page. Make logo hotlink to your public profile on LinkedIn for credit.
Setting up a Linkedin account/page.

NEXT WEEK: setting up your Resume page. Bring in your resume native file: word, .indd, .ai.


4C Galleries

In Wix or Muse, create a page titled “Galleries” which is accessible from Home page navigation.

On it, place examples of every kind of gallery available within that platform. D

emonstrate your exploration of the options for each.

(You may delete this page in coming weeks after it has been assessed).

You may use your own images, if they have been properly resized and prepared.
Here are some low res, royalty free photos to use in experimenting with Wix or Muse galleries:
demo image.zip

Uploading images: jpg, png, gif. Max upload file size is 5MB.

Review of resizing (downsampling) images in Photoshop. (Image>image size).

In Wix I have found that I can upload up to 9 files at once. At 10 files, I get an error message.
This may have more to do with an sum total limit of 5MB than the number of files.

Gallery formatting options.

Lab Time

Use lab time to develop landing/home page.

Lab time can also be used to purchase a premium Wix account or webhosting (for Muse users) with instructor guidance.


25 Sites to Download Royalty-Free Stock Photos and Textures

Creative Pro Free Textures list (check licensing agreement)


1. Wix users: Buy a Premium Wix account. Remember to buy the privacy protection for your domain name. Remember to search for a coupon code.  Do not buy a domain name alone. Buy it in conjunction with a Premium Wix acount.  We will link up your URLs next week.

Graphic Designers: buy webhosting, domain name. Cheaper if purchased together. Remember to buy the privacy protection for your domain name. Remember to search for a coupon code.

Live, purchased domain name and hosting, or Wix premium account due by beginning of class week 5 for passing midterm grade.

2. Review your Resume for use on your website. Bring in native file (.ai, .doc, or .indd). If you do not have a pdf version of your resume, we will create one in class next week. We will be formatting the resume page of your site in class next week. We will be establishing this page. It will be refined for the remainder of the quarter.

3. Continue to refine your Home page: Design the page we first land on (It may not be called “Home”). We will review your progress in class next week for Midterm Assessment.

Looking ahead: 6A Second (of 3) project Assets folder due. Image files and text file due. 3 pts. submitted to Faculty Boxes