E Portfolio Unit 5


Paid Premium Wix account due or web hosting and domain name are due for passing midterm grade . Submit your full, proofed URL to instructor via comment on Blogroll page. All future exercises will be assessed from your published website.

5A Resume Page. 4pts.

From the Website Rubric:

resume is available to be read on a page of the site, coded as selectable, HTML. (not an image)

resume text is a size and typeface that is appropriate and legible.

resume is downloadable as a .pdf file

resume .pdf file is a polite file size

resume .pdf file is titled so it can be identified by potential employer, client, easily passed on to colleagues.

Printing to pdf from native application (if necessary)

Printing a resume, any file format, to .pdf

Optional, but urged: Word format version, downloadable with an intelligent title.

Wix users: set up an external host for your resume. Wix will host your resume pdf, but it will name the pdf file with an unhelpful gibberish. Hosting your pdf elsewhere gives you control over its name as it appears in the file directory of your site’s visitors.


Google drive. Probably the most straightforward.

Dropbox account to host your resume pdf file. How to use dropbox.

Muse users: Like other assets for your site, you will need to put your pdf file in the folder alongside your native .muse file before linking to it. In this way, you can avoid broken links.

Hyperlinking to resume.pdf on hosted on external hosting.

review: A Box You Want to Uncheck on LinkedIn

Other Professional Sites:

Photographers, Fashion Design, Interior Designers : BehanceCoroflot. Sign up for an account. Get an icon png for both and add to your resume page, hotlinking both. As you add content to your Wix site, add it to your Behance and Coroflot accounts.

Fashion Styling sites that students use as a resource:



Resume page must be live, accessible from your home page for credit. Resume pdf, and linkedin public profile link must function. Resume content must be formatted for Resume page. Type should be selectable: no images of type.

Lab time: Create resume web page(s), Create a hyperlink to downloadable pdf of resume. Create link to Linkdin page. Catch up connecting to server, posting pages.

Gallery review/trouble shooting

Formatting rollover colors for hyperlinks

5B Favicon:

Using Photoshop, create a favicon, upload to your site. 2 pts, proofed from your URL.


  1. “Site Analysis 3”. Find 3 Excellent Portfolio Sites in your field. Hotlink to them in your blog post. Identify and explain the features you are most attracted to. How will they influence the construction of your site? 4 pts. Submit as word or pages doc next week.
  2. 6A Assets Folder. Gallery/Album Prep. informative text file. 6 pts
  3. Develop your site further. Feed your baby.  Organize your images, content. Next week, and every week there must be evident progress on your website.