E Portfolio Unit 6


*Course Competencies from the CC250 Syllabus

At the conclusion of this course the student should be able to

3. Design a basic website interface.
4. Design and execute web-ready documents that use aesthetically pleasing design elements.
5. Create functioning web pages using a WYSIWYG page generator.
6. Prepare digital images for use in a hyper-linked document.
7. Convert existing project files into file formats suitable for posting to the web.
8. Publish a Portfolio website to a live server


  1. 6A Assets folder. 6 pts. Title folder “Lastname6A”
  2. “Lastname_Site Analysis 3”. Submit as word .doc file or pages file.

Peer Critique.

Meet with a classmate you are not sitting next to and who is not in your program.
Review each other’s websites in progress.
View each other’s Sitemap.
Give feedback regarding: navigation, categories, user experience, tone.
Be kind and honest.
Receive feedback and make notes of it.
Submit this feedback you receive in a word or pages doc titled: “Week 6 Peer Critique”.


Static Navigation/header in Wix and Muse.



Parallax items in Wix an Muse.

Muse: Scroll effects menu. Motion effect. Transparency/Opacity effect.

Mobile/Tablet introduction

Introduction to mobile/tablet editor in Muse, in Wix. Review of Adaptive versus responsive. Proofing on device. Muse: adding /phone or /tablet to proof in browser. We will be going into greater depth and assessment in coming weeks.

Muse breakpoint intro.


  1. Professional feedback 1:
    Contact a professional in your field, a faculty member in your program or your Career Advisor in Career services to review your website. Take notes. Transcribe what feedback they give you and post it to your blog. 100 words or more. Name the professional, provide context for their authority. 100 words or more. 4 pts, week  7 only. Submit as “LastnameFeedback1.doc”.
  2. Feed your baby. Gather assets: scan images/projects, acquire files. Prepare for uploading to your site. Spend time in Muse/Wix outside of class.
  3. week after next: 8A Final Assets folder: gather project files.