E Portfolio Unit 8



  1. Professional Feedback 2. 4 pts.
    Submit your word or pages file to Faculty Boxes/smansfield/Inbox titled “LastnameFeedback2.doc”
  2. 8A Assets Folder
    Submit your folder of assets  to Faculty Boxes/smansfield/Inbox titled “Lastname8A”

Review of student sites.

Website Rubric review

8B Designing the mobile version of your site. 2 pts.

Muse: Use screensiz.es to determine which device’ screen resolution you wish to build for.

Test your site on the device of your choice, virtually in the browser.



google mobile friendly testing

Wix: Review every page on a mobile device, correct problems in the mobile editor. Develop the habit of alternating between desktop and mobile as you edit your site.

Due at end of class: published mobile phone version. Demonstrate your ability to control the phone version delivered.

Peer Critique.

In class Peer Critique. Meet with two students you have not met with before. Review the live website from browser.  Give feedback.

Take another look at the favicon. Sure, it’s working technically, but is it working visually to tie back in to the site? Review and provide commentary to peer.

Document the feedback you receive from your classmates (name your peer) in a document titled “Your Last Name Wk 8 Peer Crit (2 points).


1. Ask a different professional authority in your field to review your site. Take notes. Transcribe what feedback they give you and write it up in a document 100 words or more. 4 pts, week 9 only. Title this document “Professional feedback 3” for credit.

2. Document titled “Site Analysis 4”. Find three more excellent sites. Explain an element, feature or graphic style of each that you will be incorporating into your website design.

3. Work on your website.