Design Patterns

Design Patterns.ppt

From The 48 design patterns: The Form of Facts and Figures by Christian Behrens

Week 1


Simple Pie Chart

The Ring Chart
The Wall Street Journal Guide to Information Graphics pg 3-4

Week 2

Discreet Quantities (4 of 6)

0201 Simple Bar Chart

0202 Multiset Bar Chart

0203 Stacked Bar Chart

0204 Isometric Bar Chart

Week 3

Continuous Quantities:

0301 Simple Line Chart

0302 Sparklines, sparkliner

0303 Multiset Line Chart

0304 Stacked Area Chart

Week 4

Spatial Configurations

Topographic Map

Thematic Map

flows: 0401 Sankey Diagram

Sankey Diagram on Wikipedia

Original Sankey Diagram in pdf

Full resolution .png of Minard’s Napolean Sankey Diagram via Wikipedia

Week 5


0501 Bubble Chart

0502 Scatterplot

Week 6


Thread Arc


Week 7


Tree Diagrams

Tree Maps

Week 8


Diagram Map

Relation Circle

Pearl Necklet

Week 9

Discreet Quanitities (5 and 6 of 6)

Dot Matrix

Span Chart