CCG Unit 4



Change screen resolution

Shut down Illustrator. Open up system preferences. Open up Displays- second row. Choose “scaled” Change screen resolution to 1600 x 900.

4A Logo Design:

Type in Illustrator.

Point Type versus Area Type

Placeholder text: arrested development ipsumhipster ipsum

Design a logotype in Illustrator for yourself using the type tool, editing type as shape. Logo type:use your initials and illustrator’s shape, fill, stroke functions. Create a logo. Your initials above, large. Your full name below in smaller, sans serif type.

Create a 2″ x 2″ artboard. File>Document Setup>Edit Artboards to edit existing file/artboard.

Using Fontbook to preview your sample type.

On your own mac (not the schools’) you can use Fontbook to install fonts. Managing font file location.

Previewing fonts in Illustrator. Select the text of the font title in the Character panel, use up and down arrows.

Type basics in Illustrator. Lorem Ipsum generators.  Area Text versus Point Text. Key commands for controlling leading, kerning, pt size, font selection.

Nick Erickson Sophia Kwon
20 Logos with Clever Negative Space
Papyrus Watch

Fontsquirrel free typefaces

Kerning game

Type<Create Outlines
Edit Type as shape using pen tool, direction lines/bezier handles, pathfinder etc.

4A logo file specs: 2″ x 2″ artboard. All type converted to paths: Type< Create Outlines. We will use what you create today after break.


4B Introduction to InDesign

Review specifications for midterm project due next week.

InDesign intro:

Document setup

Place/links panel/embed review

Place thumbnail jpgs into indesign.

Place logo .ai file into InDesign file. Place process drawing jpgs.

Frames- fitting.

Master Pages.

Make colophon/footer. put logo in footer

Numbering pages.

Packaging. Export to pdf. Set page transitions to fade. proof in Acrobat.

Controlling resolution, file management (“Where does my file go?”)
Placing/Linking/Embedding Review

Using the card outline already created as a clipping mask in file.
Gradient Mesh Tool

Submit 4B Folder: An InDesign Package.


1. Complete your logo. Finished logo due at the beginning of class next week. 2 pts

2. Finish your card design in Illustrator.

3. Write up a paragraph project statement for your card. Explain it. Run spellcheck. Proof read it.

We’ll layout your project in class next week. Bring all the necessary assets: sketch files, final illustration, logo design and final vector card illustration.