CCG Unit 5


Change screen resolution

Shut down Photoshop. Open up system preferences. Open up Displays- second row. Choose “scaled” Change screen resolution to 1600 x 900.


Your logotype design. Because your project likely uses fonts, submit an Illustrator package folder titled “LastnameLogo” to Instructor/smansfield/Dropbox. 2 pts.

MT Midterm Performance Exam.

Open notes performance exam. Download mt, unzip and follow directions in the file.

Time limit: the first hour of class. 5 points in class week 5 only. Any arrangements to take the Midterm Performance exam outside of class must be made with the instructor before class week 5.

Correct with instructor at instructor’s station. 

Student Progress Report/Midterm Grade

I deliver information which assists students in developing competencies. I assign assignments which give the opportunity to demonstrate those competencies. I provide a verbal, written, online and printed description of those competencies. I assess those assignments.

If you would like to ask me to review your assignment again, please email me with the grade book item description and a hotlink to each specific assignment and I will take another look. 


Lab Time to work on the Midterm card Illustration Due next week.

Midterm card Illustration Case Study Assembly:

Review specifications for midterm project due in class this week. Continuation of last week’s introduction.

Document setup

Place/links panel/embed review

Place process thumbnail drawing jpgs into InDesign.

Place logo .ai file into InDesign file.

Frames- fitting.

Master Pages.

Make colophon/footer. Put logo in footer

Auto- Numbering pages. Type/

Placing/Linking/Embedding Review

Using the card outline already created as a clipping mask in the Illustrator file.

Packaging. Export to pdf. Set page transitions to fade. proof in Acrobat.

Submit an InDesign Package folder called “LastnameMT” containing:

1. Pdf file of your  case study containing all required parts:

a fade transition between pages

Cover page

Project statement

Scanned and adjusted sketches

Placed .ai file of card project in current state.

Master page(s) applied with Placed logo .ai file in footer

Peer Critique

Meet with classmates you don’t sit next to and review their card vector illustration. Provide intelligent, useful feedback and suggestions for your partners. As you enter into this process, realize that you are making your reputation right now. Foster among your peers the impression that you are thoughtful and can offer insight and you will be remembered for good reasons.

Listen carefully to the feedback you receive and take notes. This is not a deposition or a trial.
Greet commentary as another perspective, not a condemnation.

You will submit a word document explaining the feedback you received titled:

“Last Name Week 5 Peer Critique.doc

This document should contain complete thoughts, correct grammar, correct spelling and the full names of the person with whom you met.

Submit this to Instructor/smansfield/Dropbox by the end of class today for credit. (1 pt).


Midterm Card Project Due  (16 pts)

Specifications detailed above and in link for project in sidebar.

Folder Title: “LastNameCard”

  • Folder must be an InDesign Package containing an interactive .pdf with fade page transitions.
  • Please proof your interactive .pdf on screen before submitting.
  • ⌘-L puts the pdf file in full screen mode when opened in Adobe acrobat.
  • Proof that the package contains a links folder and fonts folder.