CCG Unit 6


no quiz

Change screen resolution

Shut down Photoshop. Open up system preferences. Open up Displays- second row. Choose “scaled” Change screen resolution to 1600 x 900.

Midterm Card Project Due (16 points)

Review specifications for midterm project due in class this week. Continuation of previous.

Document setup

Place/links panel/embed review

Place process thumbnail drawing jpgs into InDesign.

Place logo .ai file into InDesign file.

Frames- fitting.

Master Pages.

Make colophon/footer. Put logo in footer

Auto- Numbering pages. Type/

Placing/Linking/Embedding Review

Using the card outline already created as a clipping mask in the Illustrator file.

Packaging. Export to pdf. Set page transitions to fade. proof in Acrobat.

Submit an InDesign Package folder called “LastnameCard” containing:

1. Interactive pdf file of your  case study containing all required parts:

a fade transition between pages

Cover page

Project statement

Scanned and adjusted sketches

Placed .ai file of card project in current state.

Master page(s) applied with Placed logo .ai file in footer

Folder Title: “LastNameCard”

  • Folder must be an InDesign Package containing an interactive .pdf with fade page transitions.
  • Please proof your .pdf on screen before submitting.
  • ⌘-L puts the pdf file in full screen mode when opened in Adobe acrobat.

Review of Projects On Screen.

Digital Proportion

bits, bytes, kilo, mega, giga, tera

Raster image file structure lecture

Binary information. File Proportion: Bytes, Kilobytes, Megabytes, Gigabytes, etc. Information stored relative to raster image mode: bitmap, greyscale, RGB, CMYK. Channels as a concept.

6A Selections Tutorial

Basic interface of Adobe Photoshop: Menus, Preferences, Review of Vector based images and Raster based images. Selecting, deselecting. Move tool. Selection tools. Magic Wand tool, Crop Tool. Saving selections, stored in Channels, loading stored selections. Image size dialog box.

6B Bookcovers I


Finish the 6B Bookcovers Assignment. Due at the beginning of next class.