CCG Unit 7



  1. 6B Bookcovers I project due.
    Submit file to Instructor Dropbox as “Lastname6B.psd”

Change screen resolution

Shut down Photoshop. Open up system preferences. Open up Displays- second row. Choose “scaled” Change screen resolution to 1600 x 900.

7A Layers Tutorial. 2 pts.

Layers Tutorial

Depth Cues give us indication for location visually
none of them work in photoshop -except overlap, sometimes
do not believe image, believe the Layers Palette

Separate elements onto individual layers

Anatomy of Layers
Palette Background Layer Reordering Layers
Hiding/Showing Layers
Grouping Layers
Opacity Settings
New Layer, Duplicate Layers
Copying and Pasting Layers
Layer Blending Modes WikipediaBlend Modes Explained
Type Tool
Type Layer-distinguish difference-between raster and vector layer
Type layers are vector/font based
Type Warp
Rasterize Type Layer
Gradient Tool types of gradients
Layer Styles
Layers Menu< Flatten

7B Bookcovers II Exercise homework 2 pts

I Am Secretly Famous Project

Final Project.pages

Introduction to the final project, review examples from Faculty Outbox. Assign process drawing.

Homework for next week:

  1. Do the sketches for the final card project. Scan and adjust them to be submitted in a folder next week.
  2. 7B Bookcovers Project. Finish and submit during next week class as shown.
  3. I am Secretly Famous Project. bring in a folder of 10+ images of your face/head whole body from many different angles (take selfies on your phone). Find a photo of a famous person/situation to composite your image into. Guy Photoshops himself into photos of famous people.