CCG Unit 8


Unit 8 Quiz


  1. Sketches. Scanned and adjusted Sketches for the final card project. Submit in a folder titled
  2. 7B Bookcovers exercise. Submit an unflattened .psd as “Lastname7B.psd”. 1pt.
  3. I am Secretly Famous Project. Submit a folder of 10+ images of your face/head whole body from many different angles. Submit folder titled “Lastname_selfies” to Instructor/smansfield/dropbox.Guy Photoshops himself into photos of famous people.

Change screen resolution

Shut down Photoshop. Open up system preferences. Open up Displays- second row. Choose “scaled” Change screen resolution to 1600 x 900.

8A Photomerge exercise

This is for students with large format artwork that will not fit on the scanner. The board is scanned in multiple passes with at least 1/2 inch overlap. Then Photoshop’s Photomerge function is used to ‘sew’ together the multiple overlapping image files. Simple adjustment and cropping in Photoshop.


Download  1 pts.

Submit an unflattened .psd file to Instructor/smansfield/Dropbox titled


8B Painting Logic in Photoshop

Exercise:  Painting Exercise. Dog 4 pts
Using Selections and layers and layer masks to effectively separate elements, increase creative flexibility.
Using brushes, opacity, brushes options. Gradient tool review.

Submit an unflattened .psd file to Instructor/smansfield/Dropbox titled



8C Base File for Final Project.

Download this .psd. It is  2.25”w x 3.5”h at a resolution of  300 ppi
Move your sketch into this Photoshop file using the Move Tool. Do not Place.


Your final card illustration must:

  1. Be built from your own sketch.
  2. Be entirely raster based
  3. Demonstrate utilizing separate layers for all components of the illustration.

Submit an unflattened .psd file to Instructor/smansfield/Dropbox titled


8D I am Secretly Famous
Lab time

Open your selfies photos and your Celebrity Image options, and begin using layer masks to put your face on the face of the celebrity’s body.
Or Photoshop yourself into an existing photo using layer masks.
Regardless, your final native file must exhibit the logical and effective use of layer masking for credit.

Create a type layer (hidden) in your .psd which contains the source information for the images used.
Begin the project.

Submit an unflattened .psd file to Faculty Boxes/smansfield/Inbox titled



1. I am Secretly Famous project. You will submit the native file week 10 in class, end of class. Work nondestructively, using layer masks. Don’t worry about color mismatches- we will go over adjustments in class week 10 and you will submit your final at the end of class.

2. Work on your Final Card Project. Bring a layered .psd card illustration file to use in class week 10. We will be assembling your case study in class, and sufficient progress on your card is necessary to do that exercise. Final full case study due week 11.

3. Looking ahead:  Week 10 is the last week to:

  1. resubmit improved projects for a possible better assessment. 
  2. submit late work. No late work will be accepted after Monday evening next week.
    Please review your Brightspace Gradebook closely and act on that information. Submissions can be made on campus to Instructor/smansfield/Dropbox at any time. Please review the Unit agenda for correct file and folder titling.