CCG Unit 10


Change screen resolution

Shut down Photoshop. Open up system preferences. Open up Displays- second row. Choose “scaled” Change screen resolution to 1600 x 900.

10A InDesign’s Object Layers Options.

Place your Dog Painting.psd on page one.

Control the visibility of Photoshop document layers using Object/Object Layers Options.

Export an interactive .pdf with “fade” page transitions titled


10B Key Adjustments in Photoshop

Image<Adjust< from simplest (least useful) to most complex:
Hue/Saturation isolating single primary/secondary hue

Adjustment Layers: nondestructive editing.

Key image retouch tools in Photoshop:
art tools: Smudge

SF I Am Secretly Famous project

Lab Time for project. Review layer masks. Review of adjustment layers.

File Title: LastnameSF

  1. Unflattened .psd native file
  2. Uses layer masks effectively (no erasing)
  3. Uses adjustment layers effectively. (non destructive editing)
  4. Type layer containing the source information for image(s) used. The visibility for this layer should be turned off.

Share/Review on screen.

Final Due at the end of class.

Week 10, end of class: Deadline to resubmit/submit late work.

Lab Time for Final Card Project. Final Project  Review of specifications. file size, resolution. Review of Painting/Layer aspect of project.


Lab Time for Final Card project.

Your final illustration must be derived directly from your own sketch, demonstrating the painting process using layers as shown in class last week. Focus on deliberate separation of elements onto layers.

Move sketches in with the Move tool.
Duplicate sketch layer
Adjust sketch image layer copy with levels.
Select white pixels with magic wand. Continguous turned off.
Delete white pixels so only lines remain.

Final Project: Return to Midterm project package.  Add several pages to final project section of existing file.
Place .psd into InDesign case study on master page. for that section.
Override master page items.
Using Object Layer Options, control the visibility of the layers of your placed .psd in InDesign.

Lab Time for Final Project case study setup.

10B Final Project progress check:

InDesign Package of all items, demonstrating of use Object Layers Options.


Final Card Project. Case study pdf, packaged Indesign file due at beginning of class. Read Final Project specifications.
Plan to attend PORTFOLIO DAY on Thursday of next week 11am-2am.