CCG Unit 11


SF I Am Secretly Famous project

Specs: compositing has been done nondestructively with layer masks.

Adjustment layers are used.

Unflattened psd is submitted which demonstrates these attributes.

File titled “LastnameSF.psd”

Assembly of Final Card Project

Submit Final Card Project. 11 P2 Folder submitted to Faculty Boxes containing:

final pdf case study. The following items are to be an addition to the midterm project.

  • Contrasting master page for the final section.
  • Raster based Photoshop project
  • concept statement page
  • placed sketches on two pages
  • sketch images adjusted for contrast and legibility
  • digital process is used to demonstrate your competency with the use of Object Layer Options
  • interactive pdf with fade page transition
  • the Secretly Famous Project. Set up master page for this section. Use Object Layer Options to walk viewer through the layers of this project as well. Tell the story.
  • Bookcovers assignments?

InDesign Package generated from InDesign.

Generate an interactive pdf with ‘fade’ transition between pages.

Folder title “Lastname Final”

Peer Proofing before submission.

Review of Final Projects on screen.

Thanks, and have a great break!