CCG Unit 2



Submission of the 1A cityscape project.

Native file in folder submitted per specifications shown in class to Faculty Boxes/smansfield/inbox.

Change screen resolution

Shut down Illustrator. Open up system preferences. Open up Displays- second row. Choose “scaled” Change screen resolution to 1600 x 900.

2A In class exercise

Submit your 2A file to Faculty Boxes folder to specifications as directed in class for credit.

We can learn much about how artwork is constructed in Illustrator by taking apart existing vector art.
The Symbols Panel  (Window menu/Symbols) gives us access to libraries of artwork which comes with Illustrator.
We will access the libraries of symbols from the Symbols panel menu (on the top right of the panel).
Pull out symbols onto the artboard.
Select a symbol and go to the Object menu/Expand.
Ungroup it (Object menu/ ungroup or (-shift G).
Deselect (-shift D), then select the parts of the artwork. Dissect it.

In this portion of this exercise, alter the expanded symbol and customize it in a indivualized and creative way. Change all fills and strokes, reshape existing paths.

Tracing/Drawing tools

Pencil tool (N), reshaping review.
Creating line quality with the Width Tool (shift-W).
Isolation mode. Getting out of Isolation mode (esc).
Controlling Isolation mode in the Preferences panel.

Pathfinder Panel

Make visible from the Window menu
Adding with Union, and subtracting with Subtract, Divide
Grouping (-G) and Ungrouping (-U)

Eyeball illustration. Star tool. Command freezes inner points. Option resets to make star ‘fat’.

Make your own Eyeball illustration using the tools and methods shown.

Swatches panel

Adding colors to the Swatches panel. Using the Eyedropper (I) tool to sample color

Selection and Direct Selection tools and concept.

Hide Edges: c-H.

key commands:

Select Tool (Solid Arrow)V
Duplicate Object/GroupOption Drag with the Select Tool (Solid Arrow
Direct Selection Tool (Hollow Arrow)A
Deselect ⌘ Shift A
Free Transform Tool E
Show Rulers⌘R


Livepaint objects, selecting and applying color to intersecting shapes.
Redrawing livePaint objects. Expanding Livepaint objects (Object menu/Expand).
For more information, login to VTC Tutorials then use this link: LivePaint

Submit your 2A file to Instructor Server (icon on desktop)/smansfield/Dropbox as directed in class for credit.


Introduction to the Midterm Project

download Midterm Project specs from the sidebar


  • Do the process drawings for your Midterm  Card Project. 2 pts.
  • Draw out six different concepts on the first page.
  • Choose your favorite concept from those six.
  • On the second page draw out six variations and compositions based on that concept.

Next week:
We will scan and place your drawing into an Illustrator file for tracing. Arrive to class ready to be scanned.
Later in the quarter we will place items into an InDesign file to build the case study pdf.
We will cover InDesign basics: placing, embedding, master pages.