Open House Workshop

Art Institute of Seattle
Open House
Scott Mansfield

Open House Handout

GD/WDIM Overview pdf


Using only one word and your choice of image(s), create a poster that promotes sustainability (going green). The poster will be created using Adobe Photoshop and you may not use the word “Green” in your poster. The size will be 11×17 (tabloid).

[iframe 500 600]

On handout, create a brainstorm list of possible phrases, ideas
Poster Design Tips:

Seen from a distance
Type and Image
Nice contrast in color
Grab attention among all other visual clutter
Keep It Simple
Don’t tell what you are showing
Oversized imagery adds emphasis
Stay away from decorative fonts

Design Process:


Mac Basics:

Access- Username, Password: Student, Student
Safari, Connect to Server
Creating and Naming a Folder in Storage – Downloading and Saving an Image. The first row  is not royalty free (cost $) Choose only images below the first row.

Photoshop Basics:

Download either portrait.jpg (vertical orientation) or landscape.jpg (horizontal orientation).
Choose a relative size for the image that closely matches your blank document
Drag and Drop image onto blank document
Layers Palette, Rearranging Order, Naming Layers, Opacity
Tools – Move, Selections, Type Tool, Eraser, Shapes, Color, Paint Bucket
Edit > Free Transform
Image > Adjustments > Hue and Saturation, Brightness and Contrast, Posterize, Desaturate
Saving Files

Lesson Plan  Schedule

10:45-10:55 Program Overview ppt
10:55 – 11:00 Poster Overview/Samples/Design Process
11:00-11:20  Browser/Downloading/Photoshop Basics
11:20-11:40 Work on Poster
11:40-11:45 Email Files to Yourself

Many Thanks to Aaron Shurts

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