Unit 1


Syllabus, Addendum. Class policies. ebook.

This Baby has no concept of Object Permanence

Accessing the textbook

The textbook itself can be accessed through ecompanion.

You may also download an app for your laptop, tablet and/or phone called VitalSource Bookshelf. With that app, your book can be downloaded to your device, and an internet connection is not require. This also tends to run faster. I personally enjoy the fact that my ios phone or mac laptop can read the textbook to me. In addition, you can print the textbook to pdf in sections/chapters. I personally like the acrobat interface more than either ecompanion or VitalSource Bookshelf.

Accessing the necessary project files for the textbook

The textbook alone is not enough. Because each assignment is a lesson, you will need the source files to follow the directions. So, you need:

  1. Lessons (textbook)
  2. Source files- images, .ai files, etc

You have two options. 1. You may find the link and directions to the source files through the ecompanion or Vitalsource bookshelf interfaces. Follow directions to access textbook: You find a URL and access an adobe webpage and download the files.

2. Textbook Lesson files are/will be available from my CLIB outbox on campus. Shown in class.


Raster versus vector lecture.
Raster based file:
always rectangular grid of points/pixels
Information describing the color of each point
Bit= on/off switch, zero and one.
Byte= collection of eight bits
Bitmap raster file has one bit describing each point’s color
Greyscale raster file has one byte describing each point’s color. 0 black, 255 white and 254 levels of grey.
RGB color image has three bytes describing each point’s color. 8 bits for Red, 8 bits for Green, 8 bits for Blue
Good: software is intuitive
Generally larger file size/slower internet speed.
Not scalable- pixel edges show upon enlargement: Aliasing.
Graphing a function

Batman logo made by math.

Shut down Illustrator. Open up system preferences. Open up Displays- second row. Choose “scaled” Change screen resolution to 1600 x 900.

Mac Basics


1A Illustrator Intro.
1 pt.

Illustrator Basics. Undo, Zoom/Magnify Key commands, Hand/Pan tool, Selection Tool, Layers Palette/Stacking order.

Fill and Stroke, Color Picker. Introduction to the Appearances Panel. Preferences>User

Expressive Drawing/ Shape tools

Drawing with the Pencil tool. Reshaping.

Rulers  and Guides.

Make a Cityscape illustration. Native file due next class.

Make it fill the page with an inch margin.

Homework for next class:

  1. Textbook assignment. Do Lesson 1 “Getting to Know the Work Area”. Bring the finished .ai file to class next week to submit for credit titled “LastName_Lesson_1.ai”.
  2. Finish your Cityscape illustration. Native .ai file due next class. “Lastname1A.ai”