Unit 2



  1. Cityscape illustration native .ai file due. Submit to instructor’s Faculty Inbox as “Lastname1A.ai”.
  2. Tutorial from last week. Submit .ai file as “Lastname_Quick_Tour.ai”. Submit to instructor’s Faculty Inbox.

Shut down Illustrator. Open up system preferences. Open up Displays- second row. Choose “scaled” Change screen resolution to 1600 x 900.

Each row of students exchange contact info- one email chain? A shared file? a piece of paper photocopied? (You can use the photocopier/b&w printer at the cage. Use the resource of your fellow student to catch up, study, pass on information, etc.
Get to know your cohort.

2A In class exercise

Symbols Panel

We can learn much about how artwork is constructed in Illustrator by taking apart existing vector art.
The Symbols Panel  (Window menu/Symbols) gives us access to libraries of artwork which comes with Illustrator.
We will access the libraries of symbols from the Symbols panel menu (on the top right of the panel).
Pull out symbols onto the artboard.
Select a symbol and go to the Object menu/Expand.
Ungroup it (Object menu/ ungroup or (-shift G).
Deselect (-shift D), then select the parts of the artwork. Dissect it.

Tracing/Drawing tools

Pencil tool (N), reshaping review.
Creating line quality with the Width Tool (shift-W).
Isolation mode. Getting out of Isolation mode (esc).
Controlling Isolation mode in the Preferences panel.

Pathfinder Panel

Make visible from the Window menu
Adding with Union, and subtracting with Subtract, Divide
Grouping (-G) and Ungrouping (-U)

Eyeball illustration. Star tool. Command freezes inner points. Option resets to make star ‘fat’.

Swatches panel

Adding colors to the Swatches panel. Using the Eyedropper (I) tool to sample color

Selection and Direct Selection tools and concept.

Hide Edges: c-H.

key commands:

Select Tool (Solid Arrow)V
Duplicate Object/GroupOption Drag with the Select Tool (Solid Arrow
Direct Selection Tool (Hollow Arrow)A
Deselect ⌘ Shift A
Free Transform Tool E
Show Rulers⌘R


Livepaint objects, selecting and applying color to intersecting shapes.
Redrawing livePaint objects. Expanding Livepaint objects (Object menu/Expand).
For more information, login to VTC Tutorials then use this link: LivePaint

Submit your 2A file to Faculty Boxes folder to specifications as directed in class for credit.

2B Place/Clip Mask exercise (4 pts):

Adjusting an image in Photoshop for clarity and contrast 

It is often necessary to bring raster images into Illustrator as references to trace from. This can be drawn process/sketching for a project, or a reference photo. Today we will place learn how to place a drawing into an illustrator file in order to trace from it.

But first we must adjust your raster based image. Often images have low contrast and clarity. We will open up a scanned/photographed process drawing image in Photoshop to adjust it for clarity and contrast.


Download and find in Downloads Folder. In the Finder right-click or control-click on file and choose Open With to open with Photoshop. (If you do not designate Photoshop as the program to open this file, it may default open in Preview instead).

The image has a blue color cast to it- an artifact of scanned graphite. Let’s change the mode from color to greyscale. Image menu/Mode/Greyscale.

Image menu/Levels Adjustment. Histogram. White point, Grey Point, Black Point.
Save the jpg file to a location you can return to such as your keychain drive, or the Storage drive of the computer you are at. Do not save to the desktop of the computer you are at, unless it is your own laptop.


Links panel (Window/Links).
Linking versus embedding
VTC Tutorial, if you need review: Requires login. Search this page for “Embedding vs. Linking” and “Managing Links”


Save the Illustrator File

Clipping Masks

clipping mask demo file.     VTC Tutorial


File menu/Package. This saves out a folder. In that package folder will be copies of the fonts used and the images that have been placed.

Submit your 2B Package folder titled “Lastname2B” to Faculty Boxes/smansfield/Inbox as directed in class for credit.

Self Portrait Assignment

Create a self portrait using the vector tools shown in class. You may, if you prefer, place a raster image of yourself and trace/translate it into vector form (no live tracing).

Your native illustrator file will be 8.5″ x 11″. It may be in portrait or landscape format, but it must use a clipping path to maintain a 1″ margin.

Your image is the figure. The background must be designed. It may be a pattern or non-objective, it may include space- a landscape.

Refer to Class Schedule: Due Week 4


Available to all Seattle Public Library card holders for free. Link in sidebar/resources.
Available to all King County Public Library card holders for free. Link in sidebar/resources.


  1. Work on your Vector Self Portrait outside of class.
    Native Package folder due in two weeks, beginning of class titled “Lastname_self_portrait”.
  2. Textbook assignment. Do the tutorial  “2 
TECHNIQUES FOR SELECTING ARTWORK” pages. Bring the finished .ai file to class next week to submit for credit titled “Lastname_Tutorial_2.ai”.
  3. Watch: The Adobe Illustrator Story. What are the key takeaways from this video? Write 3 multiple choice quiz questions (and answers) related to these important points. in a Word document as titled “Lastname_video_questions.doc”.