Unit 3


  • Textbook assignment. The tutorial  “2 
TECHNIQUES FOR SELECTING ARTWORK” .Submit the finished native Illustrator file as “Lastname_Tutorial_2.ai”.
  • The Adobe Illustrator Story. 3 quiz questions  in a Word document as titled “Lastname_video_questions.doc”.

Shut down Illustrator. Open up system preferences. Open up Displays- second row. Choose “scaled” Change screen resolution to 1600 x 900.


Adobe Kuler and the Color Themes Panel. (Window/Color Themes)

Gradient Mesh Tool introduction.

Point/Bezier Lecture

3A Pen Tool Exercise


Efficiently use points and their Bezier Handles/ Direction Lines to draw the contours of a shape with a fixed number of points. Recognize and efficiently use Direction Lines/Bezier interface elements in future functions and applications designers encounter.

Pierre Bezier, Pierre Bezier pic. What we can control. Line as string. Direction lines/handles as GUI input device. Point types: curve points and corner point. Handle length, handle Angle

Key commands with the pen tool:

space bar: move point while holding down mouse button.
Option/Alt key: “break” the point to create a corner point.
Adding/extending to an existing path with pen tool by hovering over path. Notice the “/” symbol. If you click when that symbol is present, the path will be extended.

A key– Direct Selection Tool
P key– Pen tool

  1. Trace it with a 1 pt stroke with the pen tool using only 28 points.
  2. No slop for (stay within the black line.)

Pen Tool Resource: Vector Tuts: The Comprehensive Guide to Illustrator’s pen tool

Submit a folder called by your last name 3A, containing this file with both the Pear and the hand tracing.

(may be submitted next week if you need time outside of class). This exercise is key to your success in the remainder of the quarter:

It must be submitted to spec (no slop!) in order to earn a passing grade at midterm.

You can do it!


Lab time

Work on Self Portrait.

Student Progress Reports

3B Self Portrait progress check

at 4:00.

Package Folder titled “Lastname 3B”.


  1. Finish 3A Handtrace if you didn’t in class today.
  2.  Textbook: Complete the tutorial “6. Creating an Illustration with the Drawing Tools”.
    Bring the finished .ai file to class next week to submit for credit titled “Lastname_Tutorial_6.ai”.
  3. Watch this video
  4. Finish your Vector Self Portrait outside of class.
    Native Package folder due in next weeks, beginning of class titled “Lastname_self_portrait”.