Unit 5



  • Self Portrait Project folder titled “LastnameP2”. Please visit your Links panel and verify that it is embedded.

Shut down Illustrator. Open up system preferences. Open up Displays- second row. Choose “scaled” Change screen resolution to 1600 x 900.

5A Type in Illustrator


Create a new file with a 2″ x 2″ artboard.

Point Type versus Area Type
Placeholder text: arrested development ipsumhipster ipsum

Character Panel:

Previewing fonts in Illustrator. Select the text of the font title in the Character panel, use up and down arrows.
Point size, leading
kerning/tracking Kern Type gamedesign games
keyboard shortcuts: option/arrow keys for kerning, leading

Paragraph Panel:

Alignment, Drop Cap

Installing fonts


Fontsquirrel free typefaces

Managing font file location. Packaging

Type<Create Outlines

Edit Type as shape using pen tool, direction lines/bezier handles, pathfinder etc.

Introduction to P3 Personal Logotype Project

Design a logotype in Illustrator for yourself using the type tool, editing type as shape.

Log in to your Brightspace Gradebook. Make a type object just off of the artboard which contains your current grade percentage.


Submit 5A exercise Package folder titled “Lastname5A” to Instructor/smansfield/Dropbox.

Nick Erickson Sophia Kwon
20 Logos with Clever Negative Space
Papyrus Watch


Midterm Grade

I deliver information which assists students in developing competencies. I assign assignments which give the opportunity to demonstrate those competencies. I provide a verbal, written, online and printed description of those competencies. I assess those assignments.

If it is important to you, submit missing project files or resubmit project files to specification by the end of class today.

 3A Handtrace review. 

Submit a folder called by your last name 3A, containing this file with both the Pear and the hand tracing.

This exercise is key to your success in the remainder of the quarter.

It must be submitted to spec (no slop!) in order to earn a passing grade at midterm.

Open up your 3A file. Use corner points. Get the okay of two fellow students before submitting.


  1. Textbook: Complete the tutorial “Lesson 8 ADDING TYPE TO A POSTER”
    Submit a folder titled “Lastname Tutorial8” containing your finished tutorial .ai files. Please note: Typekit instruction will work only if you are on your own computer using Illustrator through your own Adobe CC subscription. If you are doing the tutorial on a station in a lab at school, skip that portion: use a font already installed on that computer.
  2. Work on your Logo Design. Due at beginning of class week 7. You will use this logo in the remaining projects this quarter

  1. Vector Pattern Suite: Research.
    You will submit an updated package folder next class containing:
  1. One page of example/inspiring patterns. Twelve minimum.
  2. One page written explanation of the theme of your suite of patterns and what you will apply it to: wrapping paper, fabric, furniture upolstery webpage background.
  3. One page of drawn sketches of elements for your patterns.
    These do not need to repeat on paper or tessalate:
    You now know how to use Illustrator to repeat your pattern as you create it.
  4. One page of resource images, photos to be traced from in Illustrator, then abstracted and integrated into your creations

5B Using Artboards in Illustrator

Assembling and exporting a case study .pdf file with Illustrator

Case Study/layout tools:

Review: Linking versus embedding

Using the Artboard panel: resequencing artboards, adding deleting.
Using the Artboard tool: Adding pages, deleting, editing artboards. You need 10 pages:

  1. Title page
  2. Project Statement
  3. Inspiration
  4. Resource Images
  5. Sketches 1
  6. Sketches 2
  7. Digital Process
  8. Final Pattern Suite 2 up
  9. Final Pattern Suite 2 up
  10. Image resource information- place a copy of any photo you traced from and its source.

Exporting a pdf from Illustrator.

Editing that pdf in Adobe Acrobat.

Packaging: what is so great about it. Preflighting.

Save out a Package: File<Package.

The 6A folder will be an Illustrator Package containing:

  1. Illustrator file must show these titled and sequenced Artboards in the Artboards panel:
    1. Title page
    2. Project Statement
    3. Inspiration
    4. Resource Images
    5. Sketches 1
    6. Sketches 2
    7. Digital Process
    8. Final Pattern Suite 2 up
    9. Final Pattern Suite 2 up
    10. Image resource information- place a copy of any photo you traced from -and its source.
  2. This Illustrator file is the empty project Vector Pattern Suite case study.
    Fill it with the assigned content as homework this week.
    Package again when you move the project back to school.
  3. A pdf saved out to specifications. Proof this in Acrobat.

  1. My workshop runs on Wednesdays 4:30-7:30 in SC702. Please make use of this drop in time to get help and feedback during this week and during next week’s holiday week


5A Misc Illustration tools and functions

Gradients, blends, Appearance panel, effects, Graphic Styles intro

Introduction to Project 4: Croquii/Character Project.

Project description found in right sidebar.

Introduction to Project 5: Vector Pattern Suite.

Project description found in right sidebar.

5A Patterns in Illustrator

save your file as “Firstname 5A.ai”.

(sidetrack) Compound paths. Compound clipping paths.

Pattern Options Panel

Pattern mode

Tile size control, Tile type.

Storing patterns in Swatches.

Applying pattern swatches to fill and stroke of object

Saving out swatches library.

The Final 5A  folder submitted will also contain your swatches library file