Unit 7



  1. Pattern Project Process due. Package folder titled “Lastname Pattern Process”
  2. Textbook: “5 Transforming Artwork”
    Submit your finished tutorial files (.ai file and .pdf) in a folder titled “Lastname Tutorial5”.

Shut down Illustrator. Open up system preferences. Open up Displays- second row. Choose “scaled” Change screen resolution to 1600 x 900.

7A Patterns in Illustrator

save your file as “Firstname 7A.ai”.

(sidetrack) Compound paths. Compound clipping paths.

Pattern Options Panel

Pattern mode

Tile size control, Tile type.

Storing patterns in Swatches.

Applying pattern swatches to fill and stroke of object

Saving out swatches library.

The Final 7A package folder submitted will also contain your swatches library file

Lab Time for Croquii/Vector Character project

Introduction to the Vector Portrait Project.

Research assigned for next week.

Portfolio Requirements for Graphic and Web Design.

Web Portfolio Requirements pdf
Graphic Design Portfolio Requirements pdf

7B Croquii/Vector Character project Progress Check.

Submit a Package folder to Faculty Inboxes/smansfield/Inbox.


  1. Textbook: Complete the tutorial “10 GRADIENTS, BLENDS, AND PATTERNS
    Submit your finished tutorial tutorial .ai file as “Lastname Tutorial10.ai”.
  2. Finish P4 Croquii/Vector Character project. Due at the beginning of next class.
  3. Work on Pattern Suite Project. Due week 10. In class informal peer critique next week.
  4. Research Photos for Vector Portrait Project. From specifications:
    “You will bring in at least three photo options for discussion with the instructor. Make note of the image source so that can cite your source later. Three strong options earns a ‘C’. (4 points week 8, at least 3 strong options due, failing grade after week 8). The photo you choose must be appropriate for this medium: It must provides sculptural information about facial structure of your subject. Explore many options. Don’t be ‘safe’. 
Don’t create a “why bother?” project- a project you’ll not be showing in your portfolio. 
Don’t worry about what you think you can or can’t do in Illustrator today. Properly challenged, you will surprise yourself with what you can accomplish.”
    You will submit a folder of images week 8, beginning of class.


c.  7B Pen Drawn Type exercise. 4 ptsScroll down to download the “pen_tool_excercise.zip” file. Unzip, then trace the type as directed. Do this outside of class time. Due next week, beginning of class.