Unit 11


from the Syllabus Addendum:

“The five major projects must be submitted in order to be eligible to pass this class or to earn an “Earned F” in this class”

Late P4 Pattern Suite projects may be submitted as directed in class this week.


Printout of spread, peer critique. Trade prints, mark up print. What inspiring spreads are you looking at?

Is the body copy an appropriate font?

Is the body copy at an appropriate point size?

Margin, page number.

Composition, color, scale considerations.

P5: due at end of class. Individual critique.

Final Vector Portrait Illustration (30 pts) submission:

The project will be submitted both as an Adobe Illustrator package folder and as a pdf case study.
It will include these items in the file, each on its own artboard:

  1. Cover page. Project title, your logo. 8.5 x 11″, portrait format.
  2. A creative brief/project statement: client, problem, solution. 8.5 x 11″, portrait format.
  3. Illustration Inspiration. At least on page of placed images of inspiring illustration- vector and otherwise.
  4. Spread Inspiration. At least one page of placed images of inspiring magazine spreads. Place text object next to each which contains the URL to the original image. Where possible, cite the designer.
  5. The photo you are reproducing alone on its own artboard. Make sure that it is embedded. 8.5 x 11″, portrait format. Include at text object with source URL
  6. The final magazine 2 page spread including the illustration, headline and body copy on 11” h x 17” w artboard. Present the name of the writer of the article which your Illustrations supports. The illustration must be entirely vector based, no live tracing. Margins, gutter, type considerations must be evident in your design.
  7. The illustration in Outline View as a screen grab on its own artboard. Placed and embedded. 8.5 x 11″, portrait format (or 11 x 17″ landscape if appropriate).



Thanks for your hard work and have a rad break!

Go to Portfolio Day Thursday!