Unit 11


from the Syllabus Addendum:

“The five major projects must be submitted in order to be eligible to pass this class or to earn an “Earned F” in this class”

Late P5 Pattern Suite projects may be submitted as directed in class this week.

7:00 Printout of spread, peer critique. Trade prints, mark up print. What inspiring spreads are you looking at?

Is the body copy an appropriate font?

Is the body copy at an appropriate point size?

Margin, page number.

Composition, color, scale considerations.

P6: due at 9:45  pm. Individual critique.

Submit files as directed.


Homework: Attend Portfolio Day

Homework: Attend Portfolio Day on Wednesdays 11 am – 2pm. Collect resumes and business cards. Take a photo(s) and email it to me by midnight Thursday of this week. Clearly identify yourself in your email. My email info is the right sidebar. 2 pts.


Thanks for your hard work and have a rad break!

Go to Portfolio Day Thursday!