Winter 2012 Computer Drawing Blogroll

20 students

Week 1: Set up a blog with Blogger. This will require a google ID: gmail email address, or other google service.
Please identify yourself on your blog: Add a widget to the sidebar of your blog containing your full name. Please set your blog to display all entries. Week 1, fill out and submit a comment to this page in the comment field at the bottom of this page containing:

1. The full URL to your blog. Please test its accuracy before submitting.
2. Be sure to fill out a current email address. I will not spam you.

Blanksma, Katie Joy Digital Design

Callahan, Jacquelyn BFA – Graphic Design

Cariaga, Faith Graphic Design

James, Stanley Web Design & Interactive

Johnston, Scott BFA – Graphic Design

Jung, Jeeyoung Web Design & Inter Media

Mahoney, Kristina Web Design & Interactive

Nguyen, Sabrina BFA – Graphic Design

Nicolai, Eliana BFA – Graphic Design

Palmer, Kele  Web Des & Interactive M

Patton, James Web Design & Interactive

Plancic, Chris BFA – Graphic Design

Rivera, Corina BFA – Graphic Design

Staggs, Courtney BFA – Graphic Design

Thompson, Diana Web Design & Interactive

Watkins, Lauren Web Design & Interactive

West, Dixie-Anna Graphic Design

Williams, Miranda BFA – Graphic Design

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