Unit 1


Set up Blog. Send comment to Blogroll/Schedule page.

This Baby has no concept of Object Permanence

Lecture/Discussion Design Competitions. You are required, as part of this class to enter at least one design competition this quarter. Activity: research design competitions. Create a blog post titled “Week 1 Contest Research” containing hotlinks to ongoing design competitions or aggregating sites.Start to build a list of competition options for yourself. Aim for prestige and a desireable item on your resume. (skip threadless, for example).

Catch up: set up an RSS Reader! 2 pts.

App In Seconds: Upload jpgs, setup hotspots, link up to create interactive iphon app mockup. Sign up for free account.

Kevin Harris’ 4th Wall app mockup



Lecture/Discussion: Thesis. Exploration of past theses from student websites. Begin thesis research assignment.
Activity: Browse through the theses available, making note of those of interest to you. Choose two to respond to. Read the theses, noting your thoughts, response and assessment. Theses and websites Lab time for thesis research.

Tom’s Planner

Lucidchart Online Wireframing/Flowchart

Lecture/Discussion: Projects. Exploration of past project examples from student websites. Panel Presentation Thoughts.doc

Project one deadline: present week 5.

Project two deadline: present week 8.

Project three deadline: present week 11.

Theses and websites      Western Washington University

Lab time for research and writing. One on one discussion of P1. 



1. Begin Project 1. Refined written proposal and schedule due. Post to blog. Blogpost title: “Project 1 Proposal”

2. Develop rough proposals for remaining two projects.

3. Researching Topics for Thesis: Finish your evaluation of two theses from Theses and websites. Two blog post responses, due at beginning of class. Blogpost titles: “Thesis Response 1”, “Thesis Response 2”. Include hotlink to thesis pdf being discussed.