Unit 3


Discussion of Thesis Proposal.

CLASS MATE FEEDBACK. Students meet. Share Project 2 materials developed thus far and research. Establish and evaluate the client for eachother’s project. Give feedback. Document the feedback you receive from your classmates (name them) in a blog post titled “Wk 3 classmate feedback” (2 points).

One on one Critique/art direction with instructor:

Review Project one Project Statement, Process.
Discuss Project 2 preliminary ideas.

Formalized into refined project statement and schedule due next week. 2 pt.

emailed notes of discussion to students.


a. Work on Project one: Preliminary Critique week 4, beginning of class. Final due Week 5.

a. Project Two preliminary proposal. 2 pts

b. Thesis research Blog post.

Synopsis of of two theses from Theses and websites. Two blog post responses, due at beginning of class. Blogpost titles: “Thesis Response 3″, “Thesis Response 4″. Include hotlink to thesis pdf being discussed. Due week 4 only. 4 pts.

c. Looking ahead Blog Post: List of three possible contests you may enter. Hotlink all options. Include explanation of possible projects for each contest. 2 pts. Blog Post Title: “Week 5 Contest Options” week 5 only.