E Portfolio Unit 9


1.  “LastnameProfessional feedback 3” for credit.

2.  LastnameSite Analysis 4″. Find three more excellent sites. Explain an element, feature or graphic style of each that you will be incorporating into your website design.

Metadata Keywords for site, pages and images

Introduction to of google apps/webmaster tools.

Muse and Wix: Site keywords, Page descriptions and Image descriptions

Submit a document “Lastname Keywords.doc”

Start your list, keep it growing or being refined. Update your site as you progress.

Week 9 Peer Feedback Peer Critique.

Meet with a classmate you have not met with this quarter. Review each other’s websites in progress. Give feedback regarding: navigation, categories, user experience, tone. Be kind and honest. Receive feedback and make notes of it. Collect those notes in a word document called “LastnameWeek9_Peer_Crit.doc”. Submit this to Faculty Boxes/smansfield/inbox.

Lab time to work on finalizing Website, mobile version. One on one critique/help.


  1. Ask a different professional authority in your field to review your site. Take notes. Transcribe what feedback they give you and write it up in a document 100 words or more. 4 pts, week 10 only. Title this document “Professional feedback 4” for credit.
  2. Work on website, mobile and desktop versions.