Fall 2012 Blogroll/Reading Schedule

Week 1: Set up a blog for this with Blogger. This will require a google ID: gmail email address, or other google service.

Please identify yourself on your blog: Add a widget to the sidebar of your blog containing your full name. Please set your blog to display all entries. Week 1, fill out and submit a comment to this page in the comment field at the bottom of this page containing:

1. The full URL to your blog. Please test its accuracy before submitting.
2. Be sure to fill out a current email address. I will not spam you.
3. When contacting me via email regarding your blog, create hotlinks in the email to the blog posts you are referring to.

Anderson-Smith, Adrienne Digital Design

Benson, Bruce Web Design

Bransford, Erik Web Design

Chen, Yian Industrial Design

Dela Montanye, Danielle Graphic Design

Dumancas, Ryan Graphic Design

Duong, Tri Graphic Design

Eagan, Richard Web Design

Ehli, Kayce Web Design

Ho, Viet Dai Web Design

Huang, Emily Web Design

Lahrson, Jeannie Web Design

Legaspi, Simon Graphic Design

Monterroso, Saint Christopher Web Design

Nguyen, Hoang Graphic Design

Peterson, Corey Web Des

Quail, Chad Graphic Design

Stevens, Rory Web Design

Vincent, James Graphic Design

West, Steven Graphic Design

Textbook: The Illustrator CS5 Visual Quickstart Guide 

Week 1 Reading: Chapter 3 WORKSPACE, and Chapter 7 FREEHAND DRAWING

Week 2 Reading:  Chapter 4 PANELS and Chapter 10 FILL AND STROKE

Week 3 Reading: Chapter 21 Pen Tools

Week 4 Reading: 

Week 5 Reading: 24 Gradients, 28 SYMBOLS


Week 7 Reading: 

Week 8 Reading: 

Week 9 Reading: 

Week 10 Reading: 


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