Unit 7 Redlining



Wireframe assignment. Submit “Lastname_wireframe.pdf”
Wireframe for desktop web page (Acer Chromebook), a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablet and a Samsung Galaxy S8+.



Demonstration of “Publish Design Specs” in Adobe XD


Final Project Discussion : Final Project

Anatomy of a Final.ppt

Grid Exercise: working with type

grid system recap.pdf

In Class Layout Exercise

Layout exercise.zip

I suggest a little research/inspiration- Google or Bing image search magazine spreads.

Later in the process, I suggest printing out your project to 11 x 17 paper and cutting it down. Gauge the type size of the body copy- is it appropriate? The screen lies- get it on paper.


  • Finish your In Class Layout exercise.

  • Read Chapter 6. Doing  “Things: Actions and Commands”, Pages 239-279.
    In a word document, write 5 multiple choice or fill-in-the-blank quiz questions and answers from key points and concepts from the chapter. Due by Wednesday of week 8 in Instructor/smansfield/dropbox. 4 points.
  • Begin working on the layout grid and style guide for your FINAL project in InDesign. A document detailing your layout grid and style guide will be due by the end of class next week.