RSS Aggregators


Protopage is an RSS aggregator which is desktop based. Set up an account. Add widgets from RSS feeds. In your preferred browser on your computer, set your Protopage as your homepage.

Responsive RSS Aggregators- responsive-, (find the chrome extension), taptu

Feedly – iOs and Android Apps- free download.

Some blogs to subscribe to:

Locate the RSS icon, rightclick to copy link address. Paste into new Protopage widget.

Set up pages for different topics. Also, explore RSS feeds for desired items on ebay or craigslist.

Info Design

Getting RSS feed from public Tumblr blogs

Next Task: Submit a comment in the field at the bottom of this page. In your comment include an accurate URL to at least one new blog to follow. The blog may be centered around these topics: graphic design software techniques, Information design/infographics, web design tools and hints, illustration, graphic design, packaging. In short, an active, living blog which is related to the industries of GD/WDIM.

Searching for items to buy:


Perform search. At bottom of search results page, look for the orange RSS icon. Copy the link, add widget to your RSS reader using that link.


Execute the search, copy the URL in the address bar, then add “&_rss=1” at the end.


Copy the link, add widget to your RSS reader using that link.